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Five Heart Podcast Episode 212: The Volleyball Episode!

Jon Johnston

Greg is out again, so Jon (that’s me!) teams up with Ty Peteranetz and Beth Merrigan to talk about volleyball! Ty is back with us this volleyball season. We will be joined by one more, so the plan is for Corn Nation to have better Nebraska volleyball coverage than any other site in the nation!

Back to the podcast/video thingy. Ty and Beth do most of the talking (Thank God!).

We discuss:

  • Why Nebraska is ranked #3 in the Big Ten behind Wisconsin and Minnesota, but ahead of Minnesota nationally.
  • Wisconsin’s #1 ranking.
  • The season. It’s a conference-only season for everyone. That’s going to make for a rather weird season.
  • Nebraska’s volleyball team, who’s back, who’s gone, and who’s just shown up.
  • The better player - Lauren Stivrin or Lexi Sun?
  • Omaha and the possibility the entire NCAA tourney might be played there.
  • Can one great volleyball player take over a court like Lebron James or Michael Jordan did in basketball?
  • Devaney might be really weird without fans
  • Other stuff that was way too technical for me that volleyball fans would really enjoy

Oh, and I say “Hootenanny” because that’s exactly what it’ll be if we get the NCAA tournament in Omaha!