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Brenden Jaimes Senior Bowl Day 1 Report

Did Jaimes Stock Rise or Fall with Tuesday’s Performance

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 Senior Bowl is officially off and running and we got to see Brenden Jaimes’ official measurements but also how he did in his first day of practice going through drills against the other NFL Draft prospects.

Weigh In

Size always is important when it comes to the NFL, so for Jaimes to come in at 6’5 ½ and 300lbs that was a good sign for him at tackle. However Jaimes’ arm length is a bit alarming measuring in at only 32 6/8” while the threshold is 33”. Arm length is important for tackles as longer arms will allow tackles to get into the body of pass rushers. This is big for Jaimes as he can struggle to get good depth and having longer arms would make it easier for him to push defenders past the pocket.

Also of note is that Jaimes’ hands only measured at 10” which is also below what teams would like. This can explain why Jaimes has struggled to maintain blocks at times and control opponents when he seems to be in a good position.

On the Field

Looking to make an impact this week to bolster his stock, Brenden Jaimes had the opportunity to work against some of the top senior pass rushers in one on one pass rushing drills. For Tuesday’s practice Jaimes was working specifically on the right side with the plan for him to move over to the left on Wednesday.

Unfortunately Jaimes time in Mobile was off to a rough start. In one on one pass rushing drills Jaimes looked to be in a good position against Notre Dame’s Adetokunbo Ogundeji stoning him initially, but Jaimes struggled to control him with his hands and slipped off falling to the ground.

In the next rep Jaimes faced off against Pitt’s Rashad Weaver and while Jaimes showed some good quickness he over set to the outside and Weaver was able to quickly cut inside blowing past Jaimes who was too slow to redirect inside

Later on in practice Jaimes was able to slide into guard and show off the power that we are used to seeing as he and Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Quinn Meinerz were able to completely bull over and pancake a poor defender on a run blocking drill. After some struggles at right tackle, seeing Jaimes have some success inside at guard was a nice little pick me up to cap off his day.


Tuesday wasn’t the best showing for Jaimes who has much more to prove than some of the offensive lineman who came to the Senior Bowl with more hype. The good thing is that there are still two more days of practice and if Jaimes can bounce back and have a couple more good days, that could erase a lot of the mistakes that he made on Tuesday. Maybe moving over to the left side on Wednesday will allow him to be more comfortable and have a better showing.