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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 347: This is what you get.

It was a weird episode of the Cobcast this week, and so now you get a weird write-up describing it.

Bright side: This week’s Big Red Cobcast isn’t nearly as gross as last week’s.

Not so bright side: We had to discuss the possibility of another young star leaving.

That’s my sales pitch for this week. You know who we are by now. (If not, good luck.)

The fact of the matter is I’m a dork and last night was Burns Night, so the whiskey is still slogging through my bloodstream this morning. This is as good of description as you’re going to get of the latest episode. (Again, I say, good luck.)

So take the risk and listen by clicking that button below to listen to the latest Big Red Cobcast!

And once you’re done listening to this week’s episode, you’re going to need some more content to fill the long space between today and Saturday’s game. You can do that by catching up on all 347 of our past episodes here.

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