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Should We Be Playing College Sports During A Pandemic?

It’s a common topic, but one I thought I’d address.

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Now that college football season is over, it’s time to asses where we’re at with college sports during a pandemic.

We’re months into this damned pandemic and there are still two sides; one believing the pandemic is a hoax while the other believes the whole country should be shut down, everyone stay home and stay 83 yards away from each other.

No doubt one side would say, “NO”, we shouldn’t be playing college sports! The other side would say “WHY IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?”.

I debate myself (sounds kinky) on the ice on a beautiful day in winter.

As mentioned in the video/podcast:

On August 21st, 2015, I unexpectedly dropped dead of a widowmaker heart attack. I was shocked five times on the way to the hospital with no response. I was shocked two more times in the ER. I was dead for over 20 minutes. A stent was placed, and I was induced into a coma. In January 2016 I received a second stent and in June I was diagnosed with an anoxic brain injury.

I wrote a book about my death and recovery. The title, “Been Dead, Never Been To Europe” reflects the ironic nature of life, what happens versus what we want to happen. It’s available at Amazon.

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