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Thursday Flakes: Sustainable Travel, Cannabis and 4500 Beer Cans

How many empty beer cans have you cleaned up at a party?

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Photo by Artyom Geodakyan\TASS via Getty Images

The NHL is back (Go Canucks!), which means plenty of people are celebrating hockey’s return by drinking beer. This means a lot of empty beer cans this morning although I’m not sure they will end up with 4500 empty cans like one Canadian named David Maxwell. Scroll down to read his story and many more in Thursday Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

Deontai Williams Returns for 2021 Season | Football | Corn Nation

This is a big deal for a Nebraska team that might have to lean on their defense in 2021 even more until the Husker offense can get things figured out. With the return of Cam Taylor-Britt, JoJo Domann and Deontai Williams the Nebraska secondary is setting up nicely.

Marquel Dismuke Returns for 2021 Season | Football | Corn Nation

This means that the two seniors from the 2020 season are returning for 2021 including junior All-Conference Cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt. Dismuke was an Honorable Mention All-Big Ten safety who has started 20 straight games for the Husker defense. He had 47 total tackles in 2020 for the Blackshirts.

Mailbag: As Jim Halpert Once Said, ‘What is Going On?’ with Nebraska Football | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

End of Extended Offseason in Sight as Huskers Prepare for Season-Opener | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

On Dec. 29, the Big Ten released its winter/spring schedule, giving all of its teams a tangible finish line and something to work towards. Coach John Cook said practice participation had been somewhat hit and miss with all the challenges living during a pandemic presents, but it’s been better the last couple of weeks.

John Cook Says Nebraska In Better Spot About One Week Before First Match | Volleyball | Lincoln Journal Star

“It’s been better,” said Cook during a news conference Wednesday afternoon. “We’ve been doing well. I think this is Day 12 today. We’ve had to work into it more than we would in the summer just because they were off for two weeks at Christmas.”

Despite Uncertainty, Nebraska Volleyball Ready to Get the Season Started | Volleyball | Omaha World-Herald

“I get anxious because we haven’t played in 13 months,” he said. “We got to get through some nerves. This group has done a good job and I will give our captains and seniors credit for holding it all together”

Sipple: Frost Should Be Able to Find Enough Receiver Help to Keep McCaffrey at QB | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

“There’s no doubt in my mind Luke McCaffrey’s the future around here (at QB), but right now to help us win, we’ve got to play the guy who gives us the best chance.” The guy who gave Nebraska the “best chance” in Frost’s mind was junior Adrian Martinez, who started each of the final four games. McCaffrey, in his two starts, sparkled at times and looked overmatched at times.

Shatel: For Kevin Warren to Truly Be Nebraska’s Ally, He Must Communicate Better | Football | Omaha World-Herald

Warren stumbled through a tough year to be a new commish. He made his share of detractors in the league. But I don’t sense there’s any movement to oust him. The presidents will likely let him grow into the job. To do that, he better communicate 100% more than he did last year. Seems that he is promising to do just that.


CDC to Require Coronavirus Testing of Every Traveler Entering the United States | Travel | Travel Pulse

Beginning January 26th, international travelers bound for the U.S. will need to test negative within the 72-hour window prior to their departure, and the CDC also recommends that they get tested again three to five days after arrival, self-quarantining for seven days post-travel.

The Best US Cities For Outdoor Dining During Coronavirus | Travel | Travel Pulse

For travelers hoping to experience a new destination in one of the best ways possible in 2021—through its local food and beverage—these diner friendly cities offer exceptional outdoor dining experiences.

Amsterdam to Ban Tourists from Buying Cannabis in the City | Travel | Lonely Planet

The new cannabis measures are expected to come into effect next year. All non-essential shops, including coffee shops, are currently closed in the Netherlands under COVID-19 restrictions. While it is legal for coffee shops to sell cannabis, the production of the drug is illegal in the Netherlands.

Carnival Cruise Bookings for 2022 Already Outpacing 2019 | Travel | Travel & Leisure

“We are seeing good demand in all of the various cruise markets, whether it be Caribbean itineraries, Europe itineraries, there is good demand for Australia, world cruises, etc.,” CFO David Bernstein said on the call. “It’s broad-based and across all the brands.”

The Cruise Ship Suicides Began After The Last Passengers Left | Travel | Bloomberg

Separated from families, confined mostly to tiny cabins, with no obvious legal recourse and at times no pay, sailors experienced a more extreme version of the household lockdowns that have sent people tumbling into depression.

Saudi Arabia is Planning a Car-Free City that Stretches Over 100 Miles in a Straight Line | Travel | Travel & Leisure

“Why do we accept sacrificing nature for development?” the prince said, citing rising sea levels and carbon emissions in a manner rare for a Saudi official. The city, he said, would be a “revolution for mankind” with “zero cars, zero streets, zero emissions.” No journey within The Line will be longer than 20 minutes, he said. The city would be built around “ultra-high-speed transit and autonomous mobility solutions,” according to the statement.

10 Sustainable Destinations to Visit in 2021 | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Juliet Kinsman celebrates the destinations setting new benchmarks, spotlighting specific environmental issues and helping to make the world a better place for people and the planet, while also promising the best possible holidays for the conscious traveler – in no particular order.

12 Ways to Travel Sustainably in the New Year | Travel | National Geographic

Nat Geo’s Travel team is resolving to make mindful excursions this year and beyond. This means that we will aim to reduce our carbon footprint, step off the beaten path and linger longer wherever we go, respect cultural differences and invest in the communities we visit, reconnect with nature in a state park, and support organizations that are protecting the planet.

The Collapse of Tourism Brings Problems to Machu Picchu | Travel | National Geographic

“Tourism gave us money. Today, we have food, but we don’t have any money,” said Yupanqui, posing for a photo with a lamb, something his visitors used to do. “I get more concerned each day, because we don’t know when this is going to end.”

How Mexico Is Reclaiming Spriulina | Travel | BBC

It boasts about 60-70% protein by weight and has essential amino acids and many vitamins and minerals, especially iron, manganese and B vitamins, according to the Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements. It’s so healthy and relatively easy to grow, in fact, that experts think it could be a potential food source for future Mars colonies.

10 of the Best Virtual Travel Experiences for 2021 | Travel | The Guardian

Travel the world through this new crop of virtual experiences, from online guide walks to film festivals, wine-tasting to birdwatching.

Would You Relocate for $10,000? These US Spots Are Offering Incentive for Remote Workers. | Travel | Lonely Planet

These places tend to offer more space, a lower cost of living, and an abundance of outdoor opportunities. If you want to try living someplace new, either temporarily or permanently, you might find what you’re looking for here.

The Rest

Stressed? Try Screaming. Yes Really! | Science | Popular Science

Giving voice to all that pain can be really helpful, especially if you feel like you’re about to burst. In those moments where you feel like you might lose your cool at a coworker or family member, venting out a little bit of “steam” can allow you to get on with your day without causing a scene.

The People Who Want to Send Smell Through Your Television | Technology| BBC

We can see, hear and even feel the action as it happens on screen, but odor is still missing from the list of senses that are stimulated for entertainment.

Meet the Photography Hunting For the Scare of Soviet Rule | History| Atlas Obscura

When he finds a promising location, he prints out old photos that offer some context—nearby buildings, for example—that he can use to orient himself in the modern landscape. From there, he triangulates the perspective to determine where the statues once stood, even if all other reminders of them are gone.

The Archaeologist Who Collected 4500 Beer Cans | Food and Drink | Atlas Obscura

David Maxwell’s Office at Simon Fraser University could easily be mistaken for a dorm room. The walls are plastered with antique beer signs, which, when turned on, illuminate the small space in a neon glow. Beer cans are lined up like trophies on top of the bookcase and prop up archaeology textbooks. Maxwell is not just an avid collector of breweriana; he’s also the world’s foremost—and probably only—archaeological scholar of beer cans.

How Should Schools Teach Kids About What Happened on January 6th? | History | The Conversation

Teachers scrambled to create lesson plans to help students make sense of the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol right after it happened. It’s a fraught task. It’s not clear where lessons should begin. The Conversation U.S. asked six education experts how teachers – and parents – can help young people comprehend, analyze and process what happened.