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Retaining Information Flakes

What are we really taking away form online media?

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Coronavirus - Berlin Photo by Abdulrahman Zubeir Haji/picture alliance via Getty Images

We live in a world where pretty much everything we need can be acquired through technology. The ability to have some sort of micro processing device is available to just about anyone in the developed world. Even if you do not own one, you can have one readily available to you at most public institutions such as libraries.

Any show, movie, album, you name it can be accessed fairly easily with a few clicks of a keyboard. We can easily pull up whatever we want from just about anywhere in the world from whatever company or media source we want.

But what is the cost?

Is there something we are missing out on? Is there something long term that we are not retaining because we can get whatever we want so easily. It is almost as if this free and easy information has become like candy.

We take it in quickly, we get an immediate high from it, and as quick as it entered our system it leaves. How much of this information do we really retain in the long run? Is it worth going through 30 quick articles a day? Even if they are pertaining to issues that interest us. Do we really benefit from taking all of this in so quickly and easily?

Again, like candy.

I have watched an untold number of sporting evens over the past few years. I can easily watch 3 or 4 football games on a Saturday. Heck, I have watched them on my phone. I have also read a number of poorly written articles on random blogs that had information on issues that I like.

But was any of this worth it? Did I miss out on something of actual substance? I find myself skimming through articles now a days. Faster on my phone or tablet than I would in an actual newspaper or magazine. I also retain more form one game a day versus the multiple the flip back and fourth from that I do now. So, do I retain enough to make it worth my while?

I’m starting to think I am not. I go through so many periodicals online daily that I barely remember if I have read an article or not.

Maybe it’s just me and a newfound inability to properly retain what I am taking in.

Then again, seem to take my time when I read books and actual newspapers and magazines.

Maybe it’s time to take it offline?

Oh yeah, here a bunch of online articles you should read.

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Yellow Journalism

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