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Former Husker Keyshawn Greene Transfers to Conference USA School

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The second rated player in the 2020 recruiting class was on campus for a quick minute and is now headed to Florida Atlantic University to play for Willie Taggart.

Taggart was the head coach at Florida State until he was fired after the 2019 season. He quickly found a new job at FAU.

Greene was committed to Florida State at one time while Taggart was the head coach there and seems like a perfectly logical reason for Greene to go there. It’s in Florida and he knows the coach.

It makes you wonder if there is a trend with these players from Florida. Henry Gray and Jaiden Francois, both also from Florida and were members of Nebraska’s 2020 recruiting class, also chose to transfer from Nebraska before ever stepping foot on the field for an actual game.

Gray is headed to FIU and Francois is going to UCF. Maybe they each have their own reason for transferring that are independent of the others. That would be the best case scenario at the point.

Or maybe it is a trend. Regardless, we wish the best for Keyshawn Greene.