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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 327: Gettin’ High With Niles Paul

In a Sunday afternoon smoke sesh with our new friend, Niles Paul gets very blunt (pun intended).

If you’ve listened to the Big Red Cobcast for a while, there are certain things you know about us. We love the Huskers. I’m a nerd. Tweedy’s a wild card. And Joe loves his green medicine. This week, we brought on former Husker and NFL receiver/tight end Niles Paul, and there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this episode.

Joe was excited to watch Niles roll multiple blunts. Pat was stoked to hear the details and war stories. And, in true Tweedy wild card fashion, he got super excited to do this episode but got the wrong time in his head and was at the gym while it was all happening.

Niles was super blunt (pun intended) about his time at Nebraska, in the NFL and retirement. It was a fun, free-flowing conversation (like podcast jazz, if you will) that spanned a whole bunch of topics. So, if you’re ever presented with the opportunity to sit down and partake in a Zoom smoke sesh with Niles Paul, I say take it!

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