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Labor Day Game Thread: BYU vs Navy

The most anticipated game of opening weekend!

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Western Michigan v BYU Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images

I hope you all have had a great labor day weekend. We’re coming into fall and in a normal year, we would have seen our beloved Huskers take it to Purdue and be celebrating a win!

As we know... not only is it not a normal year, the Big Ten didn’t even bother try playing sports, so we’re not watching our Huskers in football or volleyball.

We do have other games, though.

It’s the most anticipated game of the weekend!

BYU vs Navy at 7:00 pm central on ESPN!!!!

It sounds like a great match up. I have no idea.

Tonight at 7 pm, three of us will be competing in the eSports Rocket League first game against WNRL2.

Well, two of us will be. I’ll just be driving around because I really really suck at Rocket League. We should be streaming, so if I get the chance, I’ll post here.

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