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College Football Week Minus-3 Predictions: More Minor Conferences Kick Off

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 SEC Championship Game
Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Mike: This week, we get a couple more minor conferences joining the preseason fray as we wait for the real season to start!

Nate M: Is it October 24th yet?

Patrick: So now we have the SEC coming into the picture. In a few weeks the Big Ten will enter the show. After that, we are looking towards the left part of our country to the Mountain West and their arsenal of teams. Maybe, just maybe, we will someday have the Pac-12 join the fray. I miss #PAC12AfterDark. As for the Mid American Conference, I’m not holding my breath but will welcome #MACtion back with open arms.

Jill: MACtion! MACtion! MACtion!

Iowa State (-2.5) at TCU

Nate M: I’m guessing that Iowa State is favored because TCU had their first game postponed. We’ve seen that Big 12 teams have had problems in their first game. Also, JD Spielman might be TCU’s starting punt returner.

I’ll with TCU to win even though Iowa State WAS my adopted team until the Big Ten decided to try and play football.

Patrick: Iowa State had a rough loss to Louisiana a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they will bounce back and pull off this win against the Horned Frogs? Man, I have no clue. I’m going with TCU on this one just based off of history. Texas Christian University 32 Iowa State University 24

Mike: Iowa State dropped a turd two weeks ago, and they should probably bounce back. But when I see JD Spielman is third on the TCU depth chart, me thinks TCU has a bit more talent than you think. I like the Cyclones, but gotta go with the Hornies. TCU 38, Iowa State 21.

Jill: I’ll be cheering for JD Spielman to play well, but I think getting their first-game embarrassment out of the way helps the Cyclones. Or maybe they are actually a bad team and my pick will look dumb. Such is life. ISU 34 TCU 24

West Virginia (+7) at Oklahoma State

Nate M: West Virginia looked better in their first game of the season, though I still Oklahoma State will pull this out by 10.

Patrick: It’s almost heaven, but it’s not. Okie State bounces back from a close win and beats up on the Mountaineers. Oklahoma State University 47 University of West Virginia 31

Mike: I’m a man, West Virgina scores 40. Mountaineers 40, Cowpokes 34.


Kentucky (+7.5) at Auburn

Nate M: Auburn by 2 touchdowns. Book it.

Patrick: I’m going for the upset on this one just because I can and why not? I know nothing about these teams coming into this season. University of Kentucky 21 Auburn University 17

Mike: First weekend for the esseysee. Who ‘da (bleep) knows? I’ll take the safe pick. War Eagle 34, ‘Tucky 24

Jill: Not Kentucky. Tigers by 21.