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SB Nation Reacts: Miami is NOT “Back”

Fans still look most forward to Miami at Florida State, however.

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Miami vs. LSU in Arlington, Texas, September 2, 2018
Kevin Knight

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Despite the return of SEC football this Saturday and the seeming dumpster fire that is Florida State football right now, SB Nation fans selected the Miami Hurricanes at Florida State Seminoles as the game they are most looking forward to this weekend.

Speaking of the Hurricanes, they are sitting at 2-0 thus far this season after an impressive win over Louisville and a, frankly, who cares win over UAB. So that poses is the question: Is Miami “back” again? Of course the questions of “Were they ever ‘there’” and “What, exactly, is ‘back’” as well, but that is for another week perhaps. Even with Maryland not on their schedule like Texas faced not long ago, voters still smacked down this talk harder than the LSU Tigers did in the 2018 season opener I attended.

Now the most important topic for readers here at Corn Nation. How are Husker fans feeling confidence wise in the team after the schedule was released? The answer may or may not surprise you.

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