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Frosted Flakes: Making the Right Decision the Wrong Way

A former Husker is playing pro ball, Russian nuclear bomb footage is declassified and goat poop may solve a mystery

Big Ten Championship Trophy Silver

Can someone make the right decision and the wrong one at the same time?

Or maybe, make the right decision, but go about it in the wrong way?

OK, that fits what the Big Ten did. Or, at least what I think they did.

I’ve been pretty vocal that the Big Ten botched their handling of the decision to postpone fall football. What I need to be more clear about is that they probably made the right decision. They just communicated about why it was right in the wrong way.

And now, there are signs like the one in the story below.

Big Ten Taunted By Road Sign In SEC Country - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
Oh man.

On to Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

McCaffrey, Jurgens volunteer at LSW with Huskers’ season postponed
Luke McCaffrey and Cam Jurgens join the Lincoln Southwest coaching staff while Nebraska’s football season is postponed.

MILLER: Huskers lawsuit fails to address important consequences of lost season | Opinion |
In these confusing times, we all desperately need some semblance of normal, some routine to fall into.

Close to home: After a three-commit week, Huskers’ 2021 class has a growing regional feel | National |
Down on the field before Nebraska hosted Ohio State with College GameDay in town one year ago, the wheels of the program’s future were in motion.

Pius X graduate Maddie Simon signs to play pro basketball | Huskers |
The former Husker women’s basketball player signed a professional contract with the Avides Hurricanes in the German Bundesliga league.

Simon has taken time out of a budding coaching career to take another shot at playing the sport she loves. Good luck to her!

Nebraska Football: Haarberg shows what Husker fans can look forward to
On Friday, the Nebraska football recruit did well, in his first high school game of the season. He showed a bit of what he’s going to bring to Lincoln.

Nebraska governor says B1G made a mistake in handling of fall sports
Nebraska’s governor doesn’t agree with the B1G’s decision.

N Our Voice - Lexi Sun
A lot of athletes talk about love at first sight when being asked about their sport.
Well, in my case, it was a bit of a different story.

This is a new series that the Husker athletic department is rolling out. It looks like it could be interesting.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

MLB trade deadline: Padres are biggest winners - Sports Illustrated
The season is only several weeks old, but the stretch run of September is already here.

John Thompson’s legendary career shows we still have much work to do
Thompson was asked if he was proud of being first. “If I am a pioneer in 1984,” he replied, “it is only because men more qualified than I were wrongly denied the opportunity.”

The more I read about John Thompson, the more impressed I am with him as a human being.

How pulling off a ‘potato trick’ ended a baseball player’s career -
Dave Bresnahan never made it past AA, but, thanks to a specially prepared potato, he holds a place in baseball lore

The “Secret Base” is a new video project by SB Nation. Check it out!

Tiz the Law draws No. 17 post as 3-5 Kentucky Derby favorite
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Kentucky Derby favorites will need to take the long route toward winning the Run For The Roses. Tiz the Law is the 3-5 morning-line favorite for the 146th Derby and...

Predicting the Next Plague

Australia: Snakes crash through roof of house - BBC News
Two carpet pythons found slithering about a house in Queensland, Australia, may have been love rivals.

Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

More Noise and Other Disturbances

74 days, less than 1 mile later, Tennessee turtle recovered | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA | News, Weather, and Sports
A 150-pound (68-kilogram) tortoise who escaped from a Tennessee home has been returned after 74 days, managing to make it less than a mile during his slow and steady journey.

The ultimate in low-speed chases.

Child, 3, catches in kite strings and is lifted high into air in Taiwan | World news | The Guardian
Girl became entangled in tail of giant kite at festival and was rescued unharmed

Canadian Girl Makes A PowerPoint To Convince Her Parents To Get A Cat, And It Goes Viral | Bored Panda
This girl is every one of us

Amezaiku: The Nearly Lost Japanese Art of Candy Sculpture | Mental Floss
For anyone who’s used the phrase “too pretty to eat,” we have a new benchmark for you: amezaiku, the ancient Japanese art of sugar sculpture.

The quest to enrich human life through art surely requires candy.

Ohio man made outdoor squirrel 'bar' with nuts on tap - Insider
The sign for the restrooms points toward “nuts” or “no nuts”

World’s tallest mohawk takes the Guinness World Records 2021 edition to new heights | Guinness World Records
After previously trying to obtain an official record title, Joseph from Park Rapids, Minnesota (USA) is now officially on the pages of this year’s book after achieving the world’s tallest full Mohican Mohawk.

How Long It Would Take A Hacker To Guess Your Password, Visualized - Digg
We all know our passwords probably aren't as safe as they should be; but would it take a hacker nine months to guess yours, or 25 seconds?

I guess passworD123 isn’t good enough anymore.

Rembrandt ‘fake’ abandoned in museum basement 40 years ago is likely real, investigation finds | The Independent | Independent
<p>Leading Rembrandt experts previously claimed that painting was produced after artist’s death</p>

Marine Scientists Make Shock Discovery As They Capture A Skinless Shark | IFLScience
A first-time discovery was made by a team of researchers trawling in Sardinia as they brought up a catshark that appeared to have no skin.

My first reaction was Ewww! Then, it was - that is so cooool!

Another Week, Another Poop Article

You should especially read #2

Biologists study poop to see what's killing Mt. Evans' goats
MOUNT EVANS, Colo. (AP) — Lance Carpenter is standing on a lichen-covered boulder somewhere around 13,000 feet (3,962 meters), his binoculars zeroed in on the target: the backside of a mountain...

Poop tests stop COVID-19 outbreak at University of Arizona | Science | AAAS
Wastewater monitoring a good “early warning system”

Then There’s This

FBI investigating report of ‘guy in jetpack’ flying 3,000 feet in air at LAX: ‘Only in LA’ | Fox News
The FBI is investigating a report from airline pilots that a person was seen flying in a jetpack some 3,000 feet in the air above Los Angeles International Airport Sunday evening.

Maybe this should have been in the “predicting the next plague” section?

Russia declassifies footage of ‘Tsar Bomba’ — the most powerful nuclear bomb in history | Live Science
In 1961, Russia detonated the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful nuke in history, over a remote Arctic island. New footage has been declassified and shared on YouTube.

No words.