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College Football Week Minus 4 Predictions: The Waiting is the Hardest Part

America’s worst college football predictions are back with some preseason predictions.

Florida International at Central Florida Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Mike: Since it’s a state law that college football season doesn’t actually start until the first Husker game day, we thought we could predict a few of these preseason games.

Jill: The world’s worst predictions are BACK!

Patrick: This will be even more nonsense than usual.

Nate M: I know nothing.

Brianna C.: I’m sure I’ll get them all right.

Houston (+4) at Baylor (COVID Scratch)

Jill: I still don’t like Baylor. Go Cougars. Houston 37 Baylor 26

Patrick: AIR RAID!!!!!!!!!!! University of Houston 62 Baylor University 47

Mike: Baylor lost just about everybody...and their head coach as well from last season from a pretty good team while Houston returns just about everybody from a team that didn’t win many games but also didn’t get blown out by anybody either. And in this weird 2020 where teams only had minimal spring practice, I think new coaching staffs are going to be at a major disadvantage. Houston does not have that problem: Cougars 42, Bearsh 28

Nate M: I’m guessing that it will be postponed due to COVID (hindsight is in fact 20/20)

Central Florida (-7.5) at Georgia Tech

Jill: Georgia Tech already has one upset, can they pull another? Spoiler: I don’t think so. Knights More, Yellowjackets Less.

Patrick: I’m going to go with Georgia Tech winning the ACC this year. I mean, they already beat Florida State. Wait a minute, never mind....University of Central Florida 23 Georgia Tech University 17

Mike: Frosty built a juggernaut at UCF and they have plenty of depth. Georgia Tech has everybody back, but from an awful team last year. Charge on! UCF 52, Jawjatek 24

Nate M: I’m not sure how much we should expect from FSU this year. Norvell has a long way to go. I think UCF’s speed will take over and they’ll win by 17.

Jon: I haven’t done these predictions thingies for a while, but this year is different, isn’t it? Is anyone tracking these, I hope not. UCF still has a ton of speed and talent. More than GA Tech. UCF 42 Ga Tech 28

Brianna C: I think UCF is still strong enough to win this one. UCF 54, Georgia Tech 14

Miami-Florida (+2.5) at Louisville

Patrick: Just like most of these games, I have no idea what to expect here. I’m going to be winging these for quite some time. Louisville University 24 University of Miami 14

Mike: Louisville had the better season in 2019, but Miami blew them out in last year’s matchup. Miami does get a big upgrade at quarterback with D’eriq King, so I’ll take the ‘Canes. The “u” 27, The Ville 21

Jill: Pulls out a coin. Flips. Forgot to decide which team was heads and which was tails. Now that Rick is off cowboy racing, his mom isn’t keeping track anymore. Ummmm... Shawn Eichorst’s other former place of employment by 3.

Nate M: Miami has a couple upgrades on offense compared to last year. They’ll win but it will be close. Miami by 4.

Jon: Miami was hugely improved on offense in their game against UAB last week. They ran the ball well, going 337 yards on the ground. Loiusville’s run defense wasn’t very good last season so you can expect the ‘Canes to score while controlling tempo. Louisville should score too, as they have a pretty good quarterback of their own. Score more than the ‘Canes? Miami always has had good defensive players, but I’m not picking them because I hate them more than Loiusville. Not much, but enough, like this score: Miami 32, Louisville 30

Brianna C.: I have no idea, but I’m going to go for the underdog. Louisville 24, Miami 21.