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Friday Flakes: If A Team Can’t Play Is It A Forfeit?

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COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 03 Maryland at Rutgers Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is pretty obvious that certain schools aren’t as interested in playing as others.

We don’t know the schedule but if Nebraska and Rutgers play on October 24th it is possible that Rutgers has a team positivity rate above 5% or if their at-risk population positivity rate is above 7.5% which means they have to stop all activities for seven days.

If that happens and the game is cancelled because of Rutgers inability to follow the “stringent protocols” then does Nebraska go 1-0? Or do they remain 0-0?

To be fair it could be Nebraska who fails to follow the protocols. You never know with college kids.

Just a question I had which came up in last nights’ recording of The Five Heart Podcast.

On a different note.


What we learned from the Big Ten's fall football press conference
Coaches, players, and fans around the Big Ten finally got the good news they’d been hoping for, as the conference officially announced that it would return to a fall football schedule for the 2020 season on Wednesday morning.

Here are some initial thoughts on the Big Ten's decision to return to play on Oct. 24.
When Nebraska head coach Scott Frost took the podium on Aug. 10 saying why he believed they need to be playing football, I'm not sure he or anyone thought we'd be where we are at today.

What Might Nebraska's New Football Schedule Look Like? | Hail Varsity
After months of being in the dark, having a schedule and then having the rug pulled out from under them and then being even more out of the loop than before, players in the Big Ten know they will have a season, they know what thresholds they have to meet to play it, and they know when they will be starting.

Now, they just need to know who they’re preparing for.

College Football Playoff selection committee has new predicament with Big Ten joining fray
If I were a member of the College Football Playoff selection committee this season, I would apply for a sabbatical. Or to the Peace Corps. Or to go just about anywhere else besides those selection committee Zoom calls that will begin Nov. 17.

Feldman: When is it realistic for the Pac-12 to start playing football? – The Athletic ($)
That led to reports of a possible kickoff of Pac-12 games as soon as late October. But that timeline does not seem at all viable from a safety standpoint, several league coaches and administrators told The Athletic. “Ain’t happening,” one Pac-12 athletic director said Wednesday night when asked about a possible October start to the season.

To Anybody Going Through It | By Kevin Love
Being depressed is exhausting.

That’s one of the cruelest ironies about mental health. When you’re in a dark place, everyone around you — all your friends and family — they just want to see you doing what you love again, being happy, being “the old you.”

NU officials dive into details to make sure things 'buttoned up'
A day after hope for Nebraska football in the fall grew wings, George Harrison's metaphorical sun in view on Vine Street, officials in the Husker athletic department were diving into their best plans to hopefully keep a storm from interrupting the good vibes.

It is a time for excitement and those social distancing air high-fives. It is not a time to relax.

Shaun Wade says he's returning to play for Ohio State Buckeyes
Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade announced on SportsCenter that he's returning to play for the Buckeyes this season after declaring for the NFL draft on Sept. 14.

Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James has nothing but respect for resilient Denver Nuggets
Up to this point, the crowning achievement of LeBron James' storied career was leading the Cleveland Cavaliers back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.


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