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Counter Bootleg: A Nebraska Football Short - Episode 1 The Big Ten Decision

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This is Corn Nation’s newest podcast.

It’s different.

This is a podcast that covers Nebraska football. You might ask, “well what’s different about that?”

Well it is an extremely short and to the point podcast. No fluff and it is on a timer. Every episode, with the exception of any advertisements, will be ten minutes or less.

There will be no mention of my dog. Or my wife. Or my kids. Or the weather.

Straight Nebraska Football.

I’d appreciate it if you join me in the journey.

In this episode I take two minutes introducing the podcast and then the timer starts. The episode covers part of the decision and mostly on the protocols and guidelines for how the season is going to go forward or not go forward.

It will be difficult but I thought this might be a nice change of pace from the usual Nebraska football podcasts.

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You can find me on twitter @nmchugh85

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