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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 328: Kellan Heavican

Learning about resilience with KLIN reporter and former social media target Kellan Heavican

I write the following as a Husker fan writing on a Husker site: I’m not sure we always understand what it means to be the “greatest fans in college football.” We’re generally pretty good to opposing fans. Way better than some of them deserve sometimes. But we’re also pretty terrible to our own fans and local media other times. Of course, some of our fans and local media absolutely deserve the occasional (fair) criticism from time to time, but for some reason it seems like we take our pent-up aggression (anger that most fan bases direct toward opposing teams and fanbases) and turn it inward.

Case in point: this week’s interview subject. If you don’t remember who Kellan Heavican is, he was a student reporter who asked a question he immediately regretted at Mike Riley’s post-firing press conference in 2017, and hoooooooo did he catch some heat. So much heat that he hasn’t discussed the moment publicly until now. Why tell us about it? God only knows.

But that’s not all Kellan’s known for anymore. He also happens to be a pretty damn good reporter at KLIN, and we wanted to talk about him preventing that moment from defining him while still working in his home state. We also discussed his recent interviews with University of Nebraska president Ted Carter, Nebraska’s response to the Big Ten post-Covid, and the media’s response to Nebraska post-response.

And of course, we also wanted to rant about a few things. I think we may have scared him more than the social media monsters did a few years ago. He denies it, but I saw the fear in his eyes.

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