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Friday Flakes: Nebraska Football is a Part of Our Identity

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US-MEXICO-POLITICS-IMMIGRATION Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Rutgers President Jonathan Holloway said he was “gobsmacked” by the blowback from the Big Ten’s decision to postpone the fall football season.

I have two quick thoughts about that statement. First, the Presidents and Chancellors who were surprised by the reaction obviously run in different social circles than most of us. Or to say it differently, they must have had their heads in the sand.

Second, it made me think about myself and the people I run around. I have friends with various backgrounds — different ages, political persuasions, economic situations, educational background and work in different industries.

You have things is common with some that you don’t have with others. However, around here when the subject of Nebraska football pops up there is a unified feeling. It is a part of our identity.

For some it may be a small part and for others it may make up a larger portion of their identity than it should.

Personally, about ten years ago my identity was probably 75-95% political. The remaining part was then split up into faith, family, my dog, my job, LeBron James and Nebraska football. I mean...I had a fricken eight foot political banner in my front yard in Omaha.

In the years since I have definitely changed the makeup of my identity. Politics is still a part of it, but it might be down to 5%. My Catholic faith and my family takes up nearly 85% of my identity. Since joining Corn Nation, Nebraska football has taken up a larger piece of the pie even though we have been terrible since I showed up.

The point is that for us, Nebraska football fans, when you have Nebraska football as a part of your identity and then it is somewhat taken away, then there should be no surprise when there is “blowback.”

That doesn’t mean the decision was wrong. However, to think you would be considered heroes for making that decision is somewhat baffling.


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Jonathan Holloway is “gobsmacked” by the blowback the Big Ten has received for its decision to postpone its football season, and if anyone thinks the outrage in some corners of the country is going to change the new Rutgers president’s mind that this was the right decision, well, they’re going to be mighty disappointed.

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