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Nebraska Ultimate Defensive Line Bracket: The Final Four

It is Glover vs Dutton and Suh vs Peter in the Final Four!

I know I promised to put this up on Wednesday or Thursday, but then the Big Ten decided to announce its football schedule and WE ACTUALLY HAD REAL LIVE FOOTBALL STUFF TO TALK ABOUT!

We are down to the Final Four. The lone upset in Round Two was in Jason Peter beating Wayne Meylan. I know there was a spirited effort in the comments last time rallying support for Meylan, but alas Peter moved on. He is certainly a deserving player as well.

And to be honest, wouldn’t you LOVE to see Suh vs Peter in a real-life DL drills?!?

As usual with the Final Four, I found some highlight videos and put them at the bottom of the article.

Brew used the same formula for the DL seedings as he did for the rush end. Here’s a reminder:

4 points for cuAA, 3 for cAA, 2 for AA, 1 for AC, and I added 1 for winning the Outland (although that didn’t change any seedings, so it was pointless). Ties were broken by draft position and I chose the 15 and 16 seeds among a bunch of 1-pointers. Some really good players didn’t make the list, this might be the deepest position in Nebraska history.

c = consensus
u = unanimous
AA = All-American
AC = All-Conference

1) Rich Glover – (8 pts) Outland, Lombardi, cuAA, AA, 2X AC. Made 22 tackles in the Game of the Century. The most ever in a game for a non-LB. That’s coming up big when it counts! ( bio)


4) John Dutton – (5) cuAA, AC. No, not Kevin Costner! The real John Dutton cracked skulls for the Huskers in the early 70’s. A top-5 pick, he played 14 years in the NFL. ( bio)


Who is the ultimate Husker defensive lineman?

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  • 93%
    Rich Glover
    (253 votes)
  • 6%
    John Dutton
    (18 votes)
271 votes total Vote Now


2) Ndamukong Suh – (7) Outland, cuAA 2X AC. Most dominant season ever for a defensive player. 7 TFL & 4.5 sacks in a conference title game. That’s coming up big when it counts! ( bio)


6) Jason Peter – (5) cAA, 2X AC. 3X National Champ, less crazy than Christian ( bio)


Who is the ultimate Nebraska defensive lineman?

This poll is closed

  • 89%
    Ndamukong Suh
    (245 votes)
  • 10%
    Jason Peter
    (30 votes)
275 votes total Vote Now


Rich Glover

This one is not just Glover highlights, but is a 20 min recap of 1972 Nebraska vs Alabama in the Orange Bowl for the 1971 National Championship. Glover definitely makes some appearances.

Ndamukong Suh

Thanks to this series, I can again spell Ndamukong without checking with Wikipedia.

It believe there would be riots in the streets if I didn’t include the highlights of the 2009 Big Twelve championship game.

John Dutton

I couldn’t find any videos that were exclusively about Dutton, but I found a couple of articles and a highlights video of the 1973 Huskers. I didn’t watch it all, but I’m guessing Dutton makes an appearance somewhere?

John Dutton - South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame
The highest drafted South Dakotan in any sport, Dutton was the No. 5 pick overall, by the Baltimore Colts, in the 1974 NFL draft.

John Dutton - DT - Class of 1970 -Nebraska football recruits - - Omaha World-Herald
Big John Dutton, a sophomore tackle, was an alternate starter on a defensive line that included junior middle guard Rich Glover and another giant of the times, 6-foot-6 senior tackle Larry Jacobson.

Jason Peter

Here is his scoop and score vs Virginia Tech