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Frosted Flakes: The Greatest Sport Known to Mankind- Kickball

You know it’s true

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Since the prospect of actually getting to watch college football is still up in the air, I want to talk about another awesome sport. Kickball.

If you think about it kickball should really be a televised professional sport. It’s fun and entertaining and I’m sure the commentating would be wonderful.

I probably would’ve gotten a college scholarship in kickball. Maybe. Possibly. Well anyway in my mind I was really good.

I was always stoked when we got to play kickball for recess. I also took pride in the fact that I was always one of the first two girls picked. In elementary school in the 90s that was a big deal. As I stated before I have never been fast, but I could kick the ball far and I could catch it.

I know you are probably ready to start a pro kickball league and offer me a spot, but just wait there’s more.

Not only was a so great in elementary school. I am also a 3 time kickball champion with my 3rd grade classes.

Each year (obviously not this year) we have a 3rd Grade Kickball Tournament at the end of the school year. The whole class plays and so does the teacher. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a fun way to see our classes interact outside of our classrooms.

If you haven’t played kickball in awhile I suggest you try it out again when you get the chance. You won’t be disappointed.


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