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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 322: Hoss Reuter

We’re bringing all the ghosts of Corn Nation back to life!

Last week, as part of our re-entry into the Corn Nation stratosphere, we brought Jon Johnston onto the Big Red Cobcast. As part of our continued reacclimation, we decided to reach out to another (former) Corn Nation guy, former Five Hearts podcaster Hoss Reuter.

Hoss is one of our favorite people, a great guy to call up late, talk about weird things, drink a beer with, compare deadlifts and talk in-depth Xs and Os. Unlike previous conversations with him, we weren’t interrupting his attempts at studying for finals. This time was just a good ol’ weekend afternoon recording. And that’s probably best for everyone involved. That’s not to say things didn’t get weird from time to time.

So we dove into what effect an abbreviated or edited season might on Scott Frost and fellow play-callers, who’s more (or less) likely to see the field in an altered season, and booing injured opponents (Philadelphia somehow came up in the conversation). You’re already here, so give it a listen!

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