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The Weight Of The World Is On Their Shoulders

What to do when the world isn’t fair (because it never really was)

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Nebraska v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

So, the big question lingering in the minds of the powers that be is still whether we will have college sports this fall. There are plans, but no definitive answer.

The Big Ten, SEC, and ACC have their own answers on how and when their games will be played. The Big 12 is still trying to figure it out. While the PAC-12 is not only trying to get it’s ducks in a row but also has a movement of student athletes who are stating they will not play until their list of requests and concerns are met.

At some point, there will need to be a major influx of money coming into these conferences. The Big Ten and SEC alone bring in over one billion dollars of revenue a year. If there are no games, then there is no money. That means either layoffs will have to happen, programs get shut down, and local economies will be devastated. Or, a major influx of cash will have to come form somewhere to bail them out. Last I checked, the NCAA doesn’t have that type of cash.

With that said, we are putting these kids or adults, depending on how you look at them, on the front lines of our entertainment. We have a virus going through the world right now that we still know very little about. Day after day we have new insight on what this virus does and does not do. Old beliefs on it are quickly thrown by the wayside as time goes by.

These athletes will not only have to train each and every week but also study, social distance, stay mentally and physically healthy, and carry the weight of the fan base on their shoulders.

I am not on here saying that there is a right answer to what should be done or how it should be done. I don’t think there is one. America needs to come to terms with what is going on but at the same time we can’t let the economics of the situation get out of hand. There very well could be a point to where old rules on amateurism and being a student athlete gets thrown out the window.

Who says that students have to be on campus to have sports? Maybe this fall we have the student body take classes online while the athletes stay on campus in a “bubble” if you will and play their sports. Is it fair, not really but these decisions will not be there’s a good chance that the best answer is not the most balanced.

I honestly do not have the answer and I hope the powers that be come to a conclusion that is best for everyone in the end. Will it be fair, no it will most likely not be. However, this virus has thrown us for a loop and we will have to make the hard decision at some point that will most likely make a good chunk of the populous upset for the foreseeable future.

I want sports and I think America needs sports.

But what price are we willing to take to make that happen?

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