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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 325: Nebraska and the National Media Perception with Dan Wolken and (kind of) Pat Forde

Discussing Nebraska’s reputation and the national media’s perception of the Huskers (and Husker fans) with two recent critics of Nebraska’s post-postponement reaction

So…how about that relationship between Nebraska fans and the national media these days, huh? Seems like we’re all hunky dory, right?

That’s a lie and we all know it. (Also, hunky dory is a phrase I haven’t heard since my mom would say it all the time in my childhood.)

Clearly things are not in a good place between Husker fans and a lot of people who work at national media outlets. I’m not saying whose fault it is, who’s right, who’s wrong, what each party could be doing differently, etc. I’m just saying that rift is there. The only people who don’t seem to be acknowledging that are the actual national sports pundits.

Case in point: this week’s Big Red Cobcast. I wanted to address the gulf between Nebraska and the national sports media, so we brought on USA Today’s Dan Wolken and (kind of) Pat Forde from Sports Illustrated (you’ll get what I mean by “kind of” when you listen). I certainly appreciated their time and their perspective, but I’m not certain they view the divide quite in the same way we as Husker fans do. Both guys recognize the situation to a certain extent, but I think there’s still a far different point of view. Again, not saying which side is right or wrong (although, let’s be honest; we wouldn’t be the Cobcast if we didn’t think we were right). It’s just that those different perspectives were…very noticeable this week.

So, give it a listen and let us know what you think in the coments! And if ever there was a time to subscribe to our Patreon, it’s now. We release the video versions of each episode on Sundays, and I found the body language in this episode particularly interesting.

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