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Monday Monday Monday Flakes!

Summers almost over. What’s your plans?

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University of Nebraska Cornhuskers Photo by Nebraska/Collegiate Images via Getty Images

So, do you folks have your fall plans ready yet? Don’t worry, I don’t either. Maybe I’ll get back into the NFL? Or, maybe the experts will be wrong and we will have some sort of college football this fall.

I have no idea what’s going on right now.

Mankilling Mastodons

Nebraska mailbag: How does the Big Ten look if other leagues play this fall? – The Athletic
This edition dives into the fallout of the lost fall season but also looks at the potential of a winter/spring season.

Nebraska fans had three options with their 2020 season ticket money. Which way did they choose to go?
Nebraska fans had three options with their 2020 season ticket money. Which way did they choose to go?

Nebraska Football: Koby Bretz would cover many bases in Lincoln
On Friday, Nebraska football extended an offer to a local recruit that would cover many areas for the program defensively.

Other News In The Sports World

McKewon: Kevin Warren is 'still learning,' but a better approach may have helped Big Ten avoid chaos | Football |
Rampant confusion over the past week — various Big Ten leaders couldn’t even agree on if there was a true vote to postpone — was a byproduct of Kevin Warren’s

NCAA approves blanket waiver for 2020 fall sports athletes to retain year of eligibility -
The measure provides eligibility relief for all NCAA fall sports athletes regardless of activity this year

Stats Rundown: Two historical numbers from an unforgettable Game 4 - Mavs Moneyball
Luka Doncic does something no one else has, and the Mavericks edit their history books.

José Abreu makes White Sox history with insane home run streak | NBC Sports Chicago
Abreu set **two** home run records for the White Sox on Sunday.

Indy 500 2020: Live updates from the 104th Indianapolis 500
The Indy 500 has been delayed by three months by COVID-19, but the world's biggest auto race is set to roll at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Why now is the time to reconsider college conference realignment
The coronavirus pandemic has altered every sports calendar, and for good reason. The unprecedented reaction in college football has also exposed (again) why conference realignment makes no sense in the sport.

Big Sky Conference athletic directors, presidents unanimously agreed to postpone fall sports
Northern Colorado President and Big Sky Presidents' Council Chairman Andy Feinstein said the schools unanimously agreed to postpone fall sports due to the coronavirus.

I love ‘Lucy’: The route that top NFL and college receivers use to beat defenses – The Athletic
New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas and select peers excel with a play that is simple and smart, efficient and highly effective.

The NCAA froze eligibility to solve one problem, but there’s plenty more - Banner Society
Adjusting for COVID-19’s impact on scholarships and rosters will take a lot more work

Yellow Journalism

James Beard Awards Cancels Chef and Restaurant Awards for 2020 - Eater
There will be no James Beard Awards in 2021, either

John Turturro’s Brilliance Is in the Tiny Moments - The Ringer
It’s a smirk. Or a blink of an eye. Or a whisper. It’s what makes the actor behind ‘Barton Fink,’ ‘Rounders,’ ‘The Night Of,’ and more so good.

‘I Want to Be With Her.’ When Covid Closed Nursing Homes, One Husband Moved In - WSJ
Jack Eccles didn’t want to leave his wife, who has Alzheimer’s, on her own in a care facility after it shut down to visitors. So the 93-year-old brought his suitcase and hasn’t left the building since. “She took care of me for 70 years, and now it’s my turn.”

Pax Americana is Here to Stay - Quillette
Much has been said recently of America’s “decline” on the world stage, with frequent narratives on American global primacy ceding ground to an unstoppable and strategically focused China, and thus with it the larger rules-based international order Washington helped construct in the post-war period.

Barry Wesley: Antifa Conspiracies and a Racial Reckoning - Sports Illustrated
When a Black lineman from Colorado State went knocking on doors in a white neighborhood, he found himself at the dangerous intersection of a national racial reckoning and a world of internet-conspiracy fanaticism.

Auditory Enlightenment