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Nebraska Football Parents Threaten to Sue Big Ten

Luke McCaffrey’s Parents lead the charge for documentation or lawsuit

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Eleven sets of parents have enlisted the help of former Speaker of the Legislature of Nebraska Mike Flood. Flood has sent a letter from the law firm Jewell & Collins of Norfolk, Nebraska to Kevin Warren and the Big Ten Conference threatening a lawsuit unless certain documents are made available to the parents.

The full letter that was submitted to Warren and the Big Ten Conference from the eleven sets of parents can be viewed below.

The letter requests any documentation related to Warren’s decision to postpone the Big Ten season until 2021 and requests that it be done by Monday. Flood threatens to sue in the United States District Court for the District of Nebraska not only for the documents that he requested but also for immediate relief.

The lead plaintiffs on the case being the McCaffrey family does not surprise. Luke McCaffrey and his brother Dylan have both had their seasons cancelled by Warren. It would give extra motivation to have two sons who want to play football, who can’t while Warren has his son at Mississippi State able to play football.

Back to the actual letter. The most interesting thing would be the question for what immediate relief is. Could the court find this petition to be harming the players and cause for the season to be put back on? That would be fascinating.

The documentation part seems to be just another way of doing what Tom Mars is doing. Mars has filled 13 Freedom of Information Act requests with the 13 public schools of the Big Ten. Northwestern is private and is not subject to FOIA requests.

Monday now becomes an even more exciting day in the drama of the Big Ten!