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My Virtual B1G 5k - Greg M

Blast it all, I didn’t even keep pace with Jon. And he’s been dead.

This Big Ten Virtual 5k thing . . . I don’t know who put it together, but what a blessing you are.

Thanks to you, on an overcast Saturday morning, with the mercury hovering around 67 degrees, I went for a walk. I actually took the whole family (me, my wife, our son, and our dog) and we hopped in the old Family Truckster with the intent of hitting up a walking trail in our community.

GPS took us to a location, but there was no place to park or even turn off the main road. So we came back home and started our 5k in the neighborhood. After “making the circle” in my son’s words, he gave up and wanted to go home. So my wife walked him home and the dog (heretofore known as Cocoa, aka her name) and I carried on.

We walked primarily, with a little “jogging” in there as well. We had to go pretty much the entire neighborhood as well as behind the nearby elementary and junior high schools to actually get the 3.1 miles in, as you can see below.

Cocoa was a champ. I was pretty much worn out and in need of a shower afterwards. I guess that means I accomplished something.

TL:DR? Watch the video.

As others have said, Consider making a donation to Jon’s cause (American Heart Association)