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Of Bangarangs And Daggers Episode 57: B1G-Husker Perspectives, Bubbles, & Generally Lugubrious Men

A sad three man weave is together again this week, though happy to be together, to give a level-headed discussion on why the Big Ten and Nebraska fan-bases reacted to each other the way they did. And a few other important topics of the day.

Kevin, Nate, and Patrick are back again for another episode, including a new foray into the video medium as an option! However, this week the tone is one of sorrow for obvious reasons.

The lugubrious three man weave talks about the PAC-12 decision to postpone all 2020 sports, including basketball, and its impact on Big Ten teams. Will bubbles be the answer? Can there even be bubbles, and what would they look like? Can Kevin survive a cancelled basketball season after no March Madness and cancelled football?! Can Patrick?! Can Nate?!

After our brief foray into life in the bubble of Springfield in The Simpsons movie, we get to the heart of this week’s discontent. The Big Ten made the somewhat controversial decision to postpone all fall sports, including football, to a potential spring season.

Many angry columns ensued out of Lincoln and Omaha, many talking heads of traditional Big Ten schools shouted things into microphones, and things got quite heated on all sides. Words were exchanged, hair dryers possibly thrown at walls near heads, and the small squabbles that have built up for a while behind closed doors were finally aired in public to all the neighbors.

Fences have since been mended, but unlike other podcasts and columns out there we believe we have a unique perspective to offer everyone. With a Big Ten lifer who has spent a good chunk of time around Husker fans (and rooting for the Huskers when not playing MSU) in Kevin, and the native born Huskers of Nate and Patrick, we try to give perspective in a level-headed conversation on why we think everyone acted the way they did. No accusations of wrong doing are made (besides the agreement that the announcement was not done in the best way by the conference), and no feelings were hurt (we hope). Instead we make our best pitch for a new career as marriage counselors helping to shed light on how both sides can avoid a future public spat like this by better understanding where each is coming from.

That’s a wrap for this week though. We will be back with more as updates continue to roll in on how, when, and if there will be college basketball.

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