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Friday Flakes: This Week Has Helped Me Appreciate Our Local Media Even More

Not all heroes wear capes

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 21 Boca Raton Bowl - SMU v Florida Atlantic Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday, I published an article that was critical of certain members of the national sports media. In particular, I mentioned Michael Wilbon, Desmond Howard and Pat Forde. I learned from some messages and comments that I omitted Paul Finebaum. In my opinion, Finebaum is the Skip Bayless of college football so I generally ignore him.

I still don’t know what he said. I could not care less.

I don’t want to name names because I know I would forget some but I think we need to realize how blessed and lucky we are to have an awesome group of men and women covering Nebraska Athletics.

While they can be sarcastic and frustrating at times, this past week made me realize that it is so nice to have adults covering our favorite Nebraska sports instead of spoiled children.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Even if Nebraska doesn't play a game this fall, it already won
The response to that was plenty significant in itself. I’ve never seen anything like what Nebraska did. Neither have you.

Christopherson: Hot takes on Huskers have passions running high
No game was being played, or is even scheduled around the corner, but Husker football was trending on social media. God bless you if not attached to Twitter and you avoid the third-grader sniping. You are a better person for it, although Wednesday's hot air had enough gust to probably find you somehow.

Green, Carter: UNL is 'fully committed' member of Big Ten
Nebraska chancellor Ronnie Green and University of Nebraska president Ted Carter released a statement on Thursday morning, reaffirming Nebraska’s commitment to the Big Ten.

Purdue Coach Jeff Brohm Proposes Big Ten Schedule for Spring Football | Hail Varsity
What would football look like in the spring? Purdue coach Jeff Brohm provided a proposal on Thursday that hopes to answer just that for the Big Ten Conference. Shared with ESPN, Brohm outlines an eight-game season that begins Saturday, Feb. 27 and concludes with the Big Ten Championship in May.

Mandel: A revised and reduced preseason college football top 25 – The Athletic ($)
It’s been a year of many, many firsts for all of us. Here’s a new one for me. I’m updating the Top 25 I last published in late April, not because we’ve learned anything revelatory about the teams since then, but because … well, nine of them aren’t going to be playing this fall. Including the No. 3 (Ohio State), No. 5 (Oregon) and No. 7 (Penn State) teams.

It’s Time to Welcome Nebraska Back to the Big 12 Conference - Wide Right & Natty Lite
Welcome back, Nebraska. We’ve missed you.

And now the college football world is seeing just how much you’ve missed us.

Big Ten Medical Report Details Serious Cardiovascular Concerns From Experts
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Recent studies on myocarditis and other cardiovascular concerns related to the COVID-19 virus and its unknown risks to college athletes playing sports this fall likely played a big role in the Big Ten's decision to postpone the football season

Moving forward, is Kevin Warren the right person to lead the B1G?
Kevin Warren could be Big Ten Commissioner for another 20 years, and he probably won’t ever have a career-defining moment like he had this week when the conference announced it was postponing the football season.

Mark Emmert -- No NCAA championships this fall due to coronavirus pandemic
NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday there won't be fall NCAA championships because there are not enough schools participating due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic -- a decision that affects 22 championships, including FCS football.


The earth was once home to 'terror crocodiles' nearly the size of city buses - CNN
A new study has shed more light on gigantic "terror crocodiles," that once roamed the world and preyed on dinosaurs with teeth "the size of bananas."

15 Most Expensive US Cities & Metros | Tax Foundation
In May, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released its annual data showing the differences in purchasing power across American metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in 2018. This data compares how much $100 can buy in different regions and metropolitan areas across the country, which can have a significant effect on the relative impact of different economic and tax policies.

CDC: One quarter of young adults contemplated suicide during pandemic - POLITICO
One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 say they've considered suicide in the past month because of the pandemic, according to new CDC data that paints a bleak picture of the nation's mental health during the crisis.

Why Maximilian Kolbe is the saint for our times
St. Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest during the height of World War II. He spoke out against the Nazi regime, and his faithfulness to Christ in the midst of persecution landed him in Auschwitz.

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