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Frosted Flakes: Micronations, a Shoe Thief, and Hell Ants

Oh look, Nebraska and the Big Ten are having their first real fight.

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University of Nebraska moves to the Big 10 Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Do you remember the first time you had a big fight with your significant other?

Ranchdude and I have been married so long that I can’t remember half of what he tells me, much less anything that happened all those years ago. But I know we disagreed over stuff.

Chances are, that first really serious fight probably made you compare your significant other with the person you dated before them. You might have even entertained a fleeting notion about getting back together with your ex.

Reminder. They are your ex for a reason.

Don’t do it.

Right now, we are watching Nebraska and the Big Ten have their first real fight.

Some Nebraska fans (and sports writers) are eyeing the Big 12 and making kissy noises. for their part, the Big Ten obviously doesn’t appreciate the rebellion or the public display of dissension coming from Nebraska’s leadership.

Did the Big Ten botch this whole week?

It certainly looks that way.

First, the conference drops the media a note and says they are going to release a conference-only schedule. During. Breakfast. The. Next. Morning.

Why make a big show of releasing a schedule at a weird time of day (although I guess time means nothing really during a pandemic)? Why go to obviously so much trouble to build a schedule that was crafted for maximum flexibility in case Plan B, C, D....ZZ was needed? Why develop and release all of these Covid protocols and start giving teams guidance on practicing?

Why do that and then turn around and pull the plug six freaking days later?

The ink on the “My Thoughts About the B1G schedule” articles wasn’t even dry yet. Cobby hadn’t even come out of his hand-sanitizer-induced delusions of an undefeated season yet. The operations directors didn’t even have time to inquire about the sanitizing protocols on the charter buses yet. The leaks about who was voting ‘yes’ and who was voting ‘no’ had Nebraska and Iowa fans fist-bumping in the streets.

Madness, I tell you. Madness!

So, will Nebraska really make good on its threats to go rogue?

Before leaping and just hoping the Big 12 will be holding out their arms in anticipation of our glorious return, we should probably look in the mirror.

Hmmm, it appears that we may have put on a bit of weight this past decade. There are also some wrinkles and that pandemic hair needs a lot of work. We convinced the B1G to get together by being the rich trust fund kid who showed up to every party and could usually pick who we wanted to take home from said party.

Now, we stare at our red beer while on the couch on the weekend and binge watch Netflix documentaries.

You can probably guess where I’m going with this.

Do I wish the Big Ten had pushed the schedule back and bought some more time to evaluate alternatives? And that they shared any urgent, new information that emerged and caused this sudden shift?

Yes. But there were going to be growing pains for the B1G in breaking in a new commissioner who was replacing someone with the stature of Jim Delany. Throw in a 100-year pandemic for good measure, and you increase the chances of inconsistent leadership.

Do I wish Nebraska was still the rich kid that everyone wanted at their party?

Yes. I do really like the unified front between the Nebraska athletic department and administration and take it as a big sign the ship is being righted. However, I do cringe a little at the saber rattling given the recent success (see: lack, thereof) of Nebraska football.

My head predicts that everyone will take a deep breath, look around, grit their teeth and eventually accept this horrible reality of fall without Big Ten football.

My heart is still sort of hoping that the ghosts of football past, present and future visit whomever voted against fall sports and are able to bring about a change of heart in the next few days. If the pendulum can swing wildly one way - it can swing back, right?



Oh yeah, there’s supposed to be a link dump in here somewhere...onto Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

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