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Nebraska Not Giving Up: Issues Statement after Big Ten Announces Decision to Postpone Fall Sports

Nebraska is going rogue until it can’t

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 04 Northwestern at Nebraska Photo by John Peterson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nebraska called their bluff. At least for now it seems.

Love the first paragraph. Love the fact that Ronnie Green, Ted Carter, Bill Moos and Scott Frost put their name on it and didn’t shy away from the scrutiny or hide behind a decision that Big Ten Commissioner Charlie Warren barely acknowledges wasn’t unanimous.

Can we get the vote please? Was it 13-1? Or Maybe 10 - 4?

What happens now will be extremely interesting. There are so many logistical issues that need to play out but it might just end up being that Nebraska has to wait until the spring anyways.

Unless of course, Ohio State, Penn State, Iowa and/or Michigan (some of the schools who have been vocal) follow Nebraska’s lead. If that happens then you never know what could come from this.

However, if Nebraska goes ahead and does their +1 with the Big 12 then the Big Ten might (as a conference) think we aren’t worth the headache. We haven’t brought the quality of football to the Big Ten they were hoping. Nebraska simply may not fit in to their plans going forward.

But if other schools join us in our little rebellion then everything is on the table.

What if Nebraska plays in the fall and then the rest of the Big Ten plays in the Spring? Is the Big Ten going to let us come back? Maybe it would be a mutual separation.

It will be something. Or maybe nothing. I’m not an expert by any means.

Those of you who want to say you saw football getting cancelled in the fall coming, go ahead. Beat your chest. You didn’t exactly stick your neck out there.

What would actually be impressive is if you saw Nebraska politely telling their own conference, again, that they are going to go ahead and do what they want.

If they can.

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