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Big Ten Cancels Fall Football Season - Looks To Spring

This sucks in every way possible.

NCAA FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Foster Farms Bowl - Indiana v Utah
shit. shit. shit. shit. shit. a thousand times shit.
Photo by Larry Placido/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Per Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, the Big Ten Conference has cancelled fall football.

I cannot express enough disappointment in this. All I can think is that the Big Ten presidents chose to protect their academics and in doing so, sacrifice their athletic departments and the people who depend on those athletic departments to make a living.

We can debate this. We can screech about player safety versus economics.

We can say things like “listen to the science”, which is a load of bullshit for two reasons. The science doesn’t completely agree on the best way forward (as Adam Riley said in his interview, “We’re building this plane as we fly it”), so really what we’re saying is “you need to listen to what I want to think is correct”, the same shit we do with everything else. Second, there are craploads of different sciences out there.

There will be incredible repercussions to this.

I guess we’re gonna find out what they are.

Nebraska’s Scott Frost said yesterday he was committed to playing football. That implied playing other teams who are still willing to play.

You’re up, Coach Frost.

What will your administrators and their lawyers allow?