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Big Red Cobcast Ep. 323: Patrick Gerhart

Football? No football? What about basketball? Time to stress eat a Big Red Cobcast Burger.

Well. Here we are. As I type this up on a Monday afternoon (spoiler: we here at Corn Nation and the Big Red Cobcast plan ahead), the word is that there will be no Big Ten football this fall. A whole bunch of things are likely to have changed by the time this is published and you’re reading it (and hopefully listening to the latest episode of the Cobcast, which can be found at the bottom of the page).

There are swirling emotions and thoughts, many of which are in conflict with one another. Not just among other people, but within our own damn selves. I won’t rehash any of those emotions are thoughts in this brief article. Each of us knows how we feel individually, but there’s not a lot of happiness floating around today (that’s a prediction I’m willing to make a day early).

But in spite of all that, we had a damn fun (and occasionally contentious) conversation with good friend, Patrick Gerhart, co-host of fellow Corn Nation podcast Of Bangerangs and Daggers. We talked hoops, football, Creighton (puke), having a burger named after us. So check out the episode, and then like and subscribe.

And if the tealeaves are correct and there is indeed a lack of football, you’re going to need some content to fill the void. You can do that by catching up on all 323 of our past episodes here. And here’s a handy dandy list (with links) to all of the post-covid interviews we’ve done during while being apart from one another:

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