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Frosted Flakes: Clowns, Lightning and Dancing With Sharks. Oh My!

Also, are you excited for football or waiting to see if we actually have a season?

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Akron v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Are you excited for football?

I have to admit to having a bit of a laissez faire attitude this year. Husker football hasn’t been fun to watch for a while. We have a global pandemic that is likely to blow everything up and cause the kind of massive reckoning major college sports has needed but was never going to face without an external force.

Despite my current indifference, there is a lot to be excited about.

Can Adrian Martinez return to his freshman form? Will an experienced offensive line help Dedrick Mills pick up where he left off last season? Will the defense be able to replace a lot of graduated talent?

I should be excited. I’m just not sure if we will have a season.

Frosted Flakes

Nebraska Football: Omar Manning generating preseason buzz
One of the newest Nebraska football wide receivers is generating some big buzz early on as the season hopefully approaches.

NFL Rumors: Patriots rework Rex Burkhead’s contract to create cap space
Running back Rex Burkhead reportedly is taking a pay cut in 2020 to give the Patriots some much-needed cap space.

Elkhorn’s Drew Christo Ready to Play for the Huskers
Drew Christo is making a big impression this summer. The senior-to-be from Elkhorn High School passed up Legion Baseball this summer and is playing with the Nebraska Prospects.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Stephen A Smith calls on NBA to address issues at WNBA bubble
Stephen A. Smith brought up the issues in the WNBA bubble at IMG Academy and called on the NBA to address it.

Coronavirus: Athletes who are opting out of playing in 2020 season
With sports looking to get started again in July, here’s a list of players who have decided not to participate when their sports begin or resume.

Former Kalamazoo football player catches 3-year-old dropped from burning building -
He credits his training as a marine and security officer and instincts for his reaction.

Another Week, Another Poop Article

Why do some men take so long to poop? | Live Science
Why do some men spend eons in the bathroom?

I built a house with 3 12 bathrooms. I live with four males. I need another bathroom.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Nat Geo's best photos from spring capture turmoil—and moments of grace
From mask-wearing to rule breaking, the coronavirus is still coloring our daily experiences. But life goes on—and our photographers are capturing it, from historic protests against police brutality to the launch of a new era of spaceflight.

I always jump at a chance to include Nat Geo photography in Flakes! Awesome stuff.

Why Your Dog Follows You | Mental Floss
If your dog follows you everywhere you go, don't be too worried about it. The behavior indicates they see you in a positive light.

Get worried when the cat follows you everywhere.

A Brief History of the Slip 'N Slide | Innovation | Smithsonian Magazine
A young boy's summer antics 60 years ago inspired his father to create the timeless backyard water toy

A Room in Manhattan or a Mansion in Memphis? How Much Residential Space $250,000 Can Buy in the 100 Largest U.S. Cities? | PropertyShark
We analyzed how much space a home-buyer could get for $250,000 in the 100 most populous cities in the U.S.

University of Leeds | News > Science > Earth's magnetic field changes faster than previously thought
A new study reveals that changes in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field may take place 10 times faster than previously thought.

New System Combines Smartphone Videos To Create 4D Visualizations | Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated that they can combine iPhone videos shot "in the wild" by separate cameras to create 4D visualizations that allow viewers to watch action from various angles, or even erase people or objects that temporarily block sight lines.

Microsoft used to have a thing called Photosynth where people would contribute their photos of a location and the program would blend them together into a “3-D” model. This looks even more fun to try.

World record lightning megaflash in South America confirmed - The Washington Post
Another record-setting flash, lasting 16.73 seconds in Argentina, was also certified by the World Meteorological Organization.

A 440 mile bolt of lightning! Nebraska is 430 miles at its widest.

International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center - Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Greg DeSanto is the executive director of the International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center, located in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Trivia: Plainview Nebraska has a Klown Doll Museum that (I believe) started off as one person’s collection that was donated. Maybe I should have included this article in the “predicting the next plague” section below.

Predicting the Next Plague

We’re Going to Run Out of TV - The Ringer
In the early months of the pandemic, television was in a rare position to maintain a modicum of normalcy. But as the shutdown drags on, and as sets remain closed, a drought is upon us.

Forget pathogens or insects, running out of TV will really cause chaos and mayhem!

Landmarks: The bees weren’t killer and the murder hornet is mostly mythical, but get ready for the coming crazy worms - Chicago Tribune
“I have 12 confirmed populations of jumping worms in Cook County,” he said.

Bubonic plague: Case found in China's Inner Mongolia - CNN
In the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, a city is on high alert after authorities confirmed a case of the bubonic plague -- the disease that once caused the most deadly pandemic in human history.

When you run out of new plagues, recycle an old one.

Then There’s This