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Five Heart Podcast Episode 187: Missing the Hype Of Nebraska Football

We posted the link to the Zoom chat in the Slack and one person was brave enough to click it.

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Nebraska v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

At the onset of this week’s recording, it was just Jon and Greg, talking about missing the hype (as ludicrous as it was) that surrounded the last summer heading into the football season. Remember those days? The Huskers were in the pre-season ranking, Adrian Martinez was a Heisman hopeful, and we knew a football season was on the horizon.

Fast forward a year and we’re not even sure how many fans are going to be able to attend games in Memorial Stadium. We would openly welcome a little pre-season hype at this point.

About midway through or so, CN Recruiting Writer Akelo Roberts saw a Zoom link in our Slack Chat Room and with no context, clicked it. Thankfully Jon was wearing a shirt. We heard a little about a new commit that Nebraska is welcoming to the squad and does Akelo feel we are in a better position this year than in recent years?

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