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2020 BTN 10K - Beth M.

I used to be a pretty good runner...

I used to be a pretty good runner, but this run would not fall in the category of good runs. I made the run happen over the course of two early mornings. Thankfully, my husband snapped the picture so I didn’t have to do that part of it on yet another morning.

It was a run-walk thing for me. I ran more than I walked, but I had to play some mental tricks on myself to make that ratio more run than walk. Mostly, I ran around our middle school in big loops, but when I started to feel like walking I would purposefully take myself on a detour down a street where someone I know could possibly have been looking out their window drinking coffee or something while I strolled by, which caused me to think to myself “you better run Beth or they will see you walking”.

Ha! Extrinsic motivation tricks are the best!

So I ran. I did the thing. I’ll keep the early morning runs in the schedule because they were good for me in multiple ways. I was glad to feel the endorphins racing through my blood again. I was happy on my front lawn stretching after a good run.

Consider making a donation to Jon’s cause (American Heart Association)