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Frosted Flakes: Robot Models, Porsche 911 and the Dark Web

What is the fanciest car you have ever driven?

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Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

When I was a kid, my dream car was a Porsche Carrera GT. It felt the perfect sports for a cruise on the open road. That dream has faded away since the travel nomad life has begun but I have reflected on a lot of things during the pandemic. I used to watch BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ all the time and always looked forward to the yearly specials where James, Jeremy and Richard were getting into their usual shenanigans in some exotic location. Nowadays, I don’t watch as many movies or tv shows. Despite the current situation, I still have plenty of things to happy about and am patiently waiting for the time I can get out and travel to different countries again. Now I might go back to looking at super-cars settings track records.

Anyways onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

Are Nebraska Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Duval’s Videos Part of a Strategic Plan? | Football | Corn Nation

It has to be said, that it is extremely likely that every other Big Ten football program has players who are “moving” a ton of weight just like Nebraska right now. They just aren’t posting it on twitter. I am of the mind that you keep stuff off of twitter and let your work show on the field. Though these times are a changing.

Leadership of Wan’Dale Robinson and Kade Warner Help Husker WRs This Summer | Football | Hail Varsity

What a first year on the job it has been for Husker wideout coach and offensive coordinator Matt Lubick. You’d be forgiven if you forgot he even held that title. Lubick’s hiring was announced in mid-January, he got two spring ball practices under his belt with a room that only featured four scholarship wideouts at the time, and then had everything shut down.

Mailbag: Lavonte David’s Career, Nadab Joseph’s Future and Opting Out | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Padding the Stats: Sports Are Important | Football | Hail Varsity

Sports have become a massive industry and there are so many people that rely on them for their livelihoods. Athletes, coaches, writers, stadium/arena workers, front office/athletic deportment workers, small business owners in college/pro towns and so many others rely on sports seasons for significant income and opportunities.

Minnesota High School Standout Callin Hake Commits to Huskers | Basketball | Lincoln Journal Star

“The first time I stepped on that campus I kind of knew that’s where I was going to end up. I just loved it so much,” Hake said. She’s from Victoria, Minnesota, and attends high school nearby in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The 5-foot-8 point guard will be a junior this year.

Most Intriguing Huskers: Freshman RT Bryce Benhart | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

It’s possible that none will be asked to step into a bigger role right off the bat in 2020 than the biggest member of the class himself, Bryce Benhart. The 6-foot-9, 310-pound offensive lineman is the odds-on favorite to start the season at right tackle for Nebraska.

Husker Camp Countdown: Caleb Tannor | Football | Omaha World-Herald

The Georgian turned down multiple SEC schools to sign with Nebraska 2018 class as a heralded four-star recruit. He’s always physically looked the part, and though he’s already played in 24 games, he has yet to force his first turnover from a position Nebraska has long needed to create chaos.

Investigation Finds Coaches at NBA China Academies Complained of Player Abuse, Lack of Schooling | Basketball | ESPN

American coaches at three NBA training academies in China told league officials their Chinese partners were physically abusing young players and failing to provide schooling, even though commissioner Adam Silver had said that education would be central to the program, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the complaints.


The Declining Power of the American Passport | Travel | The Atlantic

American citizens have mostly been spared the stress and humiliation of this universe: An American passport, until recently, could bring you anywhere with minimal need to worry about visas and border checks. But this is the world of immigration that Americans must now familiarize themselves with. Before the pandemic, more than 100 countries were willing to admit Americans; but now fewer than three dozen countries want you.

The Best Place To Visit In Every US State | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Alaska’s glaciers, Arizona’s canyons, Arkansas’s Ozarks...and that’s only the first letter of the alphabet. Add to that a fascinating history, world-class museums, and a wealth of resorts and restaurants, and you have yourself a list of must-visits that’s nearly impossible to cap off.

What It Means to Be A Traveler of Color | Travel | Travel and Leisure

Travel, by nature and at its core, is about celebrating diversity. The very idea of visiting a new destination, meeting new people, and discovering new cultures breaks down barriers and helps us find common ground. Travel makes us better, stronger, braver, more sympathetic.

Delta Has Placed Over 100 People On a No-Fly List For Refusing to Wear a Mask | Travel | Travel and Leisure

The enforcement comes as Delta has implemented a “Clearance-to-Fly” process, requiring passengers who claim they can’t wear a mask for medical reasons receive pre-approval before boarding. Ultimately, CEO Ed Bastian suggested passengers who cannot wear a mask should probably consider other means of transportation.

Emirates Will Pay For Your Treatment If You Catch Coronavirus While Traveling With Them | Travel | Travel and Leisure

Emirates will cover the cost of treatment up to $174,000 (€150) and quarantine costs up to about $116 (€100) per day for 14 days. All passengers, no matter which class they’re flying, are protected by the same level of coverage. The new insurance is available for passengers on flights starting immediately through Oct. 31. The protection will last 31 days from the first leg of their journey with Emirates and is automatically included in travel costs.

Could Carbon-Removal Tech Make Travel More Sustainable? | Travel | BBC

A new wave of carbon-offsetting platforms invites consumers to remove emissions instantly and permanently. Could travelers be the key to their success?

Croatia’s Pristine Isle of Wellness | Travel | BBC

Known as the “healing island”, Lošinj’s excellent air quality and 2,600 hours of annual sunshine make this Croatian island a prime restorative environment.

How the Great American Outdoors Act Will Save US National Parks | Travel | Lonely Planet

Congress passed the Great American Outdoors Act, which combined two earlier bills to commit $900 million a year to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and $9.5 billion over five years to address critical infrastructure updates across the National Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management.

The US Olympic and Paralympic Museum is Opening in Colorado Springs | Travel | Lonely Planet

The museum puts Team USA athletes at the center of the experience, and includes a tribute to the 1980 US Olympic team. The 12 galleries in the 60,000 sq foot building follow a narrative arc that takes guests through the teams’ journeys, using technology that prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity. Guests can customize their sport preferences and accessibility needs for a tour that is uniquely their own.

Peek Inside the World’s First Commercial Space Plane | Space Travel | Lonely Planet

Designed to house six passengers and a two-member crew, the cabin is fitted with reclining seats tailored to suit each person’s weight and height. Each passenger has a personal, integrated communication system that will give them direct access to the two space pilots.

Recommended Readings

I Am a Model and I Know That Artificial Intelligence Will Eventually Take My Job | Fashion | Vogue

Shudu Gram is a striking South African model. She’s what fashion likes to call “one to watch,” with a Balmain campaign in 2018, a feature in Vogue Australia on changing the face of fashion, and a red carpet appearance at the 2019 BAFTAs in a custom Swarovski gown. Also unlike Shudu, I’m a real model, and by that I mean I’m a real person. Shudu’s not. She’s a 3D digital construction.

Why Is Bob Ross Still So Popular? | Culture | The Atlantic

Bob Ross Inc. is still thriving. The company owns hundreds of highly sought after Bob Ross originals. The official Bob Ross YouTube channel, run by the company, has over 4 million subscribers and more than 360 million total views.

Surprise Cave Discoveries May Double The Time People Live in the Americas | History | National Geographic

The site known as Chiquihuite Cave, may contain evidence of human occupation that places people in North America around 30,000 years ago—roughly twice as early as most current estimates for when the first humans arrived on the continent.

The Rush to Claim an Undersea Mountain Range | Future | BBC

According to Denmark, the mountain range is an extension of its autonomous territory of Greenland. According to Russia, it is an extension of the Siberian archipelago Franz Josef Land. And according to Canada, it is an extension of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.

Living On a Simulated Mars Habitat For Four Months | Space | Digital Trends

Greene and five others were part of the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) mission. NASA uses the habitat and the area’s Mars-like ambiance to learn how astronauts could better cope with physical and psychological stresses on a trip to the red planet. The focus of this particular mission was food.

The Long Road to the Porsche 911 | Cars | Gestalten

When Ferdinand Alexander Porsche entered the family business in 1958, he filled an unknown vacuum. An experimental visionary who wanted to challenge tradition, he elevated the design legacy of this famous German brand. From working in the engineering office to craftily creating an icon amongst sports cars, writer Ulf Porschardt reveals how Ferdinand Alexander’s sketches evolved to become a cultural symbol.

The Race To Be the Next Tik-Tok | Media | Ozy

But to be the next TikTok, you have to be the best TikTok. That’s what Chingari co-founder Sumit Ghosh believes. His app is witnessing nearly 100,000 downloads and 2 million views every hour and is trending at the top spot on Google Play Store since the government ban.

The Cold War Bunker That Became Home to a Dark-Web Empire | Technology | The New Yorker

In the mid-nineteen-seventies, the West German Army, the Bundeswehr, built a vast underground bunker near the town of Traben-Trarbach. It was five stories deep, had nearly sixty thousand square feet of floor space, and was designed to withstand a nuclear attack. Eighty days’ worth of survival provisions were stored inside, including an emergency power supply and more than a million litres of drinking water.

Last But Not Least