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Gridiron Metal Works Husker Grill Grate: Product Review

Grilled a couple steaks and now I get to tell you about it

Gridiron Metal Works out of Lafayette, Indiana sent me a couple grill grates to try out so I could tell you all about them. You can find Gridiron Metal Works at Their twitter account can be found here.

So during the quarantine-shutdown phase of the pandemic, Round the Bend Steakhouse was doing everything it could to keep people employed and stay afloat, so one of their specials they were running a couple times was selling meat bundles.

The bundle was made up of four pounds of ground sirloin, two smaller sirloin steaks, two 22 ounce sirloin steaks and two 8 ounce ribeyes for $99. All of it was local meat that was cut in-house. They made up 250 of these bundles and they sold out within minutes. We ended up buying two.

How is that relevant? Well what I grilled to try out Gridiron Metal Works’ grill grates were the two ribeyes.

My chosen method is to salt the ribeyes for at least an hour (then pat them dry), then season with pepper and some olive oil. The problem with olive oil is that if you put too much then you are going to get flareups. I actually don’t mind flareups as I like the char to an extent. Though not too much.

Usually the ribeyes we buy are thicker and are over a pound so I get more time on the grill. These smaller eight ounce steaks took almost no time at all.

Now to the brass tax. I really like the grill grates so far and for one main reason.

Surface area.

I don’t like moving my steak around too much, but with the grill grates I have seen there is not a lot of surface area contact. If you leave the steak in place and flip once then you get some cool grill marks but I want more because there’s a chance to develop more flavor.

Which is why I was looking forward to dropping my steaks right on the good ole N’.

From what I can tell the grates are high quality and were heavier than I expected which is great.

Though the person that actually matters in the conversation would be my wife. Her thought?

One of the best steaks I’ve cooked.