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2020 BTN 10K- Brianna C.

I completed my 2020 BTN 5k this morning.

First, I want to make it clear that I walked. I don’t believe in running unless you are playing a sport or a game. Props to all of you who love to run, but my 8 year old self still cries about having to run a mile in PE. The side aches, the getting lapped, the horror.

I went to Walnut Creek Recreation Area in Papillion to do my 5k and it was perfect. One lap around the lake was all I needed. I had hoped to be there before 8, as I wanted to beat the heat. I also was hoping it’d be cool enough that I could wear my leggings with pockets to hold my phone (these are important things to think about), but it was already too humid and I didn’t get there until about 8:45.

I do wish I would’ve went for that extra lap and made it a 10k instead, but about a mile in I noticed some geese in the water and I didn’t want to chance them deciding to come closer when I went around again. Geese may be the only other thing that could get me to run. I have an irrational fear of them, stemming back to being chased by evil geese at my home as a child. So, I decided since I’d only signed up for the 5k, I didn’t need to chance it.

On my walk I had to finish up listening to my Armchair Expert Podcast episode before I switched over to the Five Heart Podcast so I could find out what Nate was wrong about this time.

I have no idea if my time is good or not. Jon said his time wasn’t and I think I was about a minute a mile slower than him, so I’ll say no. I have no excuses, but I’m not disappointed.

The worst part about the whole experience was how awkward I felt taking these selfies.

I hope some of you are getting out there and participating this week too!

Whether you are racing yourself or not, please consider making a donation to Jon’s cause here.