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Frosted Flakes: My Take On The Last Dance

Better late than never

1997 Chicago Bulls Championship Parade and Rally Photo by Steve Woltman/NBAE via Getty Images

I don’t follow or watch much basketball. Definitely not NBA basketball.

Being a child of the 90s though, I am well aware of Michael Jordan and was a “big fan”. You know, as big of fan as you can be without really watching him play.

Last week I decided it was time to watch The Last Dance on Netflix. Although, I haven’t completely finished yet, I have found myself in awe of Phil Jackson. Yes, Jordan is great, but I already knew that. (Sorry Nate.)

Obviously you have to be a good coach to have 11 NBA championships. But I was loved the way he coached Dennis Rodman. Rodman was a great player, but he was really able to excel because Jackson made sure his needs were met. Also, he turned Jordan into a team player. Michael still took control of the game, but he was able to learn to lean on his teammates.

Thanks for listening to my hot take, two decades too late.

Now onto flakes.


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Harry Potter’s Birthday is Coming Up!

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You could celebrate with sorting hat cupcakes.

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Or maybe you just want to do some knitting

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Or you could just binge watch the movies while drinking (butter)beer like I plan to do.