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The Big Red Cobcast and Corn Nation’s Fearless(?) Leader Jon Johnston

The Big Red Cobcast’s fake apology tour continues with a chat about all the important things with Jon Johnston

The Nebraska football program is in a position where it has to build trust. After years of being the ol’ reliable, the program is (un)comfortably lodged in prove-it territory. “Oh you’re back you say? Riiiiiiight.” That’s been the approach of pundits and opposing fans (and even Husker fans) every time we make a claim that Nebraska is on an upward trajectory.

That’s kind of the same reaction the Big Red Cobcast has been getting upon its return to Corn Nation. I completely get it in both cases. Nebraska has continually let you down, whether it be a loss to Purdue, or another loss to Purdue, or yet another loss to Purdue. And we’ve let you down by leaving, then coming back, and so on and so forth. You might act like you don’t care about us, but we know the truth. But we know. And we promise, like a Ty Robinson-led front three, we’ll soon become your favorite player and we will be here making you happy for years to come.

But like a Chinander-helmed defense, we have to prove ourselves. So that’s what we did this week. We’re proving that we’re in this Corn Nation thing for the long haul by bringing on Corn Nation’s fearless(?) leader, Jon Johnston. We talked about everything, from whether or not there will be a season to Jon’s gross nipples to how important a hypothetical season would be for Nebraska. That’s what we do at the Big Red Cobcast, and we know you’re thankful for it, even if you don’t express it to us directly.

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