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SB Nation Reacts: Would You Attend A Game?

SB Nation’s latest Reacts poll results are out, this time asking fans if they would attend a game this fall.

Another near full house in Memorial Stadium, November 7, 2015
Kevin Knight

The latest SB Nation Reacts polling for the week asked fans if they would attend a game this season if given the opportunity, and the results are in for the national answer rather than by individual fanbase. The “yeses” have it by a slim majority of fans in fact. 55-percent of fans said they would attend a game if allowed this fall, while 45-percent stated they would not. Still no formal word yet for our Nebraska Cornhuskers confirming whether fans will be allowed or not in any numbers.

Breaking down the graphic for a second, let’s have some real talk. Why would a Texas Longhorns’ fan NOT attend a game this fall if they don’t have to face the Maryland Terrapins? Meanwhile programs like the Army Black Knights and the Syracuse Orange have already received word from state governments that no fans will be allowed to attend any games should they be played. Other programs like the Rutgers Scarlet Knights have conflicting reports out on football attendance this fall after the New Jersey Governor recently announced crowds over 500 people are not allowed. Extra unclear is how that would impact a program who regularly has not drawn crowds to their home stadium much larger than that anyways.

As for Nebraska fans, you may recall Corn Nation already ran this poll ourselves to the Husker fan base specifically. Similarly, the fans participating in that survey as well said the majority, and a larger one at that, would still attend games if allowed.

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