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The Big Red Cobcast Returns (Again)

A Husker podcast that won’t go away is officially back on Corn Nation.

The Big Red Cobcast is like the Cotton family. You think we’re gone, and then we keep popping back up. We’ve been on Corn Nation. Then we haven’t been. Then we have again. And so on and so forth about half a dozen times. For some reason, Jon strung together a profanity-laced tirade in our direction in the past six years, which is probably the one difference between us and one of the Cottons.

Anyway, we’re Joe, Tweedy and Pat, aka the Big Red Cobcast. We do a weekly podcast, usually with different guests from a wide swath of Husker lore. We actually did a re-introduction a couple months ago, but since then we’ve realized the error of our ways. We tasked Joe with writing these articles, but Joe has burnt more plants than the villains in Fern Gully, so it would be a stretch to call him reliable. In fact, I’m the only Cobcaster who doesn’t regularly self-medicate, so I guess it’s now incumbent upon me to do all of the responsible work. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

This week, we got a chance to talk to Ben McLaughlin. Ben’s the co-play-by-play broadcaster for Husker baseball, the sideline reporter for Husker football, and the co-host of Sports Nightly. Also, for any D-II football fans, he’s the nephew of longtime Wayne State coach (and former Husker GA) Dan McLaughlin. I think we only talked about that off the air, so I’m giving you that trivia nugget for free.

So here we are. We’re going to keep doing this podcast as long as we’re allowed, which to be completely honest, I’m not sure how long that will be. So while you’re reacquainting yourself with us (or meeting us for the first time), feel free to catch up on all 320 of our past episodes here.
And here’s a handy dandy list (with links) to all of the interviews we’ve done during quarantine (we’re in Los Angeles, so that includes current times):

Ben McLaughlin
Trev Alberts
Mike’l Severe
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Kenny Cheatham
Dr. Jack Stark
Grant Wistrom
Adam Carriker
Frank Costa (Part I)
Abdul Muhammad
Clester Johnson
Ivan Lovegren
Erin Sorensen

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