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Nebraska Football: 2020 Husker Starter at Quarterback - Why I Think Luke McCaffrey Can Win The Job

Is Adrian Martinez still at the helm? Will Frost try something new? A Heinrich awaits us in the future.

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have had some legendary QB’s walk through their QB room throughout the years. Eric Crouch even brought us a Heisman Trophy. Our very own Scott Frost spent hours and hours dissecting film to become the right player to lead the Huskers.

Leading the Huskers is . . . I don’t know if I would put Adrian Martinez in that sentence. It’s something about Martinez’s playing QB at Nebraska that just doesn’t fit. However, Adrian has two years under his belt and might be improving in the off-season. We saw a bit of a spark from Luke McCaffrey last season that gave us a bit hope.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

McCaffrey has come from a long line of athletes in his family. His mother played soccer at Stanford. His father was a 2-time super bowl champ catching touchdowns from hall of fame John Elway. He had three brothers who were all standouts at High School powerhouse Valor Christian in Colorado. His oldest Max played at Duke and is currently an NFL free agent and coaching WR’s at Northern Colorado. We all know who Christian is. Not only was he a Heisman runner up in college, but he is now the highest paid running back and arguably one of the best in the game. Dylan, the third youngest, is currently a standout quarterback at Michigan.

The McCaffrey’s not only know how to play, but they know how to win. Each of the four brothers have at least one state championship ring from when they were in high school. During his senior year, Luke led his team to a 14-0 record, and with only 287 pass attempts, he accumulated over 2,000 yards passing with 21 touchdowns. These aren’t huge numbers, but for a run heavy team, he did the most he could.

Last year against Iowa, when Martinez was seemingly blind in the pocket, I was yelling “PUT IN MCCAFFREY! PUT HIM IN!” Frost finally listened to me, and McCaffrey threw a 40 yard touchdown pass on his first drive. I have seen some greatness in Martinez, however Luke has what I call the “McCaffrey effect.” There is something different in that family’s blood that sets them apart. They make everyone around them better. We have seen it in Ed, Max, most certainly Christian and even Dylan. It’s your time to shine Luke.

RIP to Noah Vedral who is heading east to fellow Big Ten foe the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, the saddest excuse for a B1G team. You were a real one Noah.

Joining Husker Nation will be incoming freshmen Logan Smothers! He’s a true dual-threat quarterback who has a decent arm, but is really good on his feet. He was a stand out track star in High School running a 10.93 in the 100, and a 22.31 in the 200. Like Luke, he threw for over 2,000 and 29 touchdowns his senior year. He also had over 800 rushing yards with 13 TD’s. In his four years, he accounted for over 10,000 all-purpose yards and 101 touchdowns, which is sixth in Alabama High School history. He is about the same build as Luke and looks like he will fit right in with the other quarterbacks in the play caller room.

We are getting a true baller out of Logan Smothers.

Lastly, in one year, there is a 2021 quarterback commit named Heinrich Haarberg. He’s a 6-foot-5, 195 pound monster with a cannon for an arm. As a junior, he threw for 23 touchdowns with only 4 picks. He’s a hometown kid from Kearney Catholic who is still growing into his body, but I think he will do some serious damage for the Huskers in the years to come.

Realistically (God-willing there’s a season), the quarterback battle will come down to the experienced Adrian against a blood thirsty Luke.

We’ve given Adrian a chance. I get it, he has a good arm and good feet, but he just isn’t “it” for me. I’ve tried to be hopeful about him for two years and I’ve never seen him produce. He’ll start the game off hot with a touchdown, then throw two picks before half. He’ll have a good drive, then end up fumbling a handoff. To me, Adrian Martinez doesn’t have the “IT” factor.

Luke does!!

Luke may not be the biggest guy on the field but he is a warrior. He will find a way to win. If he focuses on the weight room and matures his body, he can become Scott Frost-like. When I watch Luke, he plays with a chip on his shoulder, like he has something to prove. I like that about him and want to see more of it.

Who do you guys want to see take the helm? Who shall represent the Nebraska Cornhuskers this year at the quarterback position?