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SBNation Reacts: No Fall Sports Is Consensus

The latest round of SB Nation Reacts voting is in, and the [almost] filibuster proof majority believes no fall sports.

2018 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The prognosis is grim from fans. When voters were asked whether they believe football will occur this fall in some way, shape, or form; be cancelled altogether for the upcoming academic year; or at the least be moved to a spring time format, a whopping 66-percent of SB Nation voters chose cancelled or delayed to spring.

Football Voting

Combined, a majority of voters believe that the season will be delayed or cancelled altogether. Meanwhile, almost 30-percent still believe that there will be a conference only season. Despite the Reacts voting occuring after the Big Ten had already announced a conference only season, around five percent of voters still seemed to accept the notion of a regional schedule being worked out.

Basketball Voting

The largest block of votes by fans have them set on a delayed start for basketball. After that, they seem to almost as equally accept the notion percentage-wise that all non-conference games will be scrapped. Only around 15-percent of voters seem to think the entire season is shot, while approximately 11-percent seem to think a regional only schedule will happen. Lastly, less than ten-percent think the season will remain in place as is with no changes to the schedule.

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