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Frosted Flakes: Runza Lawsuit, Turtle Go-Pro and Rick-Rolling Zoom

Plus, an in-depth analysis of the physics of penguin poop. You’re welcome.

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AUTO: AUG 11 Hot August Nights Photos by Lyle Setter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last spring when events were being shut down and everything postponed, my fear was that everything would be rescheduled for the same week.

That week is nearly upon us.

Prom is this weekend. So is a niece’s graduation (in Minnesota) and some cousin’s kids’ graduations (South Dakota). Ranchhand 2’s graduation will follow a week later. The ranchhands’ county fair will start three days after that.

I am a little concerned about all these events and what that could do in terms of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. We are taking precautions to stay safe and keep others safe.

I hope you are all well and safe too.

In other news, Texas took our conference and now they think they can take our Runza’s?!? (See story below) This is much more serious. After all, we found a better landing spot in the Big Ten, but we will not resort to Made Rites or other such rabble.

Runza sues Texas business over trademark - NORTHEAST - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
One of Nebraska’s most famous restaurants is accusing a Texas business of breaking trademark laws. Runza National filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court last week...

Who’s excited to see the Bronco make a comeback?!? I can hardly wait to see middle-aged men driving too fast along hilly gravel roads in rural Nebraska trying to remember if that was the spot where they had that one party in high school...

2021 Ford Bronco Is Here, and It’s Everything You Hoped For
The Bronco returns with a manual transmission, removable top and doors, and a $29,995 base price. And yeah, you’re gonna want the Sasquatch package.

Frosted Flakes

With fate of season hanging in the balance, Husker football transitions into next step of modified offseason | Football |
There’s more contact now between Husker players and the coaching staff than was allowed during the voluntary workout period. There’s more contact now between Husker players and the coaching staff than was allowed during the voluntary workout period.

Husker freshman Will Nixon recovering from ACL injury, ‘working hard every step of the way’ | Football |
Husker freshman Will Nixon appears to be sidelined for the next five months with an ACL injury, according to a post he made on social media.

Traxler: Loss of Jacks-Huskers showdown doesn’t feel like an outlier | The Mitchell Republic
The college football trend of scheduling non-conference games 10 to 12 years out is a fun, if-not ridiculous exercise.

Cade Johnson is disappointed South Dakota State won’t play Nebraska | Huskers |
It had to be a lie. That was the first thought that flashed through Cade Johnson’s mind when he heard the news Thursday afternoon.

As you can all guess, I am pretty disappointed too. It is the one game Ranchdude and I go dressed up in gear from the opposing team. We get treated like royalty by other Husker fans.

Husker Football Road Race Continues Tradition of Supporting Pedi - RIVER COUNTRY - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
When in-person events on campus were canceled for the summer due to COVID-19, the Husker Football team had to adapt their plans for the 2020 Nebraska Football Road Race.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

The Karolyi Ranch, where U.S. women’s gymnastics gold was forged — at a price
For decades, women’s national team gymnasts trained at the remote Texas ranch owned by Bela and Martha Karolyi, Romanian coaches who defected to the U.S. and changed the program forever. At what cost?

Washington football team’s name change: right decision, wrong reasons - Sports Illustrated
We’ve known for a long time that the Washington NFL team’s name was racist and offensive. Monday’s announcement crystallized that the team cares more about input from sponsors than the Native Americans who have voiced their opinions for decades.

Top 2021 draft prospects may bail on 2020 college football season - ProFootballTalk
Although the decision eventually may be made for them, some of the nation’s top college football prospects could be planning to ditch the 2020 season and focus on the 2021 draft.

This is not surprising at all.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

What's the Difference Between an Avenue, a Road and a Boulevard? | HowStuffWorks
Yep, there are rules for road names, even if they're not followed 100 percent of the time. HowStuffWorks explains the difference between avenues, roads and boulevards.

I have always wondered this too.

Far Side creator Gary Larson publishes first new cartoons in 25 years | Books | The Guardian
Far Side creator Gary Larson publishes first new cartoons in 25 years | Comics and graphic novels | The Guardian

Not only is the Bronco back, but Far Side too?!? I guess 2020 has some bright spots.

How hand sanitizer caused a man's unusual 'hangover' | Live Science
A man's medication for alcohol dependence caused him to have a strange reaction to hand sanitizer.

Rickroll Your Zoom Meeting | Mental Floss
Submit the invite link to your next Zoom meeting to and wait for Rick Astley to crash the party.

I am sooooo tempted....

How Warren Buffett’s Money Is Doing Environmental Double Duty With $10 Billion Pipeline Deal
From pig-manure power to wind farms, Virginia’s Dominion Energy is transforming itself into a renewable energy powerhouse—Berkshire Hathaway’s cash will only accelerate the process.

US town prints its own currency to help local economy rebound -
Tenino, Washington has revived a Great Depression-era strategy to help shore up the local economy during the pandemic – printing its own currency. Other towns across the country are taking notice of the town's unusual methods.

Our little town has a similar thing going, but we don’t print the bucks on wood.

WATCH — Monster wave isn’t real, it’s art | Video | Kids News
Art installation on display in Seoul, South Korea, shows a giant wave crashing in three dimensions on a smart screen.

Inside America’s Secretive $2 Billion Research Hub Collecting Fingerprints From Facebook, Hacking Smartwatches And Fighting Covid-19
Mitre Corp runs some of the U.S. government's most hush-hush science and tech labs. The cloak-and-dagger R&D shop might just be the most important organization you've never heard of.

Andean condor can fly for 100 miles without flapping wings | Environment | The Guardian
World’s largest soaring bird flaps wings only 1% of time in flight, study shows

Popping a Lawn Bubble Is Like Popping a Zit | HowStuffWorks
You've probably never seen a lawn bubble, but they look like waterbeds in the grass. HowStuffWorks learns how they form, and if you should pop them.

Is It Time To Kill The Penny? : Planet Money : NPR
As America experiences a coin shortage, Planet Money takes a look at the value of the penny.

Yes, it is.

Consent And Communication: Lessons From Sex Ed For Social Distancing Etiquette : Shots - Health News : NPR
Sex educators and sexologists have some advice for safe coronavirus socializing. Just like in the bedroom, overcommunicate about your needs and seek consent.

Arizona man stacks 485 Jenga blocks atop a single piece | Fox News
The impressive structure, which is shaped like an inverted pyramid, was built in two hours by Pima resident Tai Star Valianti.

Have You Been Overworking With 10,000 Steps A Day? - Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
There’s one small problem with the 10,000 steps-a-day rule, however. The figure isn’t based on sound scientific evidence.

Another Week, Another Poop Article

The Physics of Penguin Poop | Cool Penguin Facts
New research calculates the propulsive pressure of penguin waste: Penguins can shoot their poop 4 feet. Finally, scientists are studying the important stuff.

Predicting the Next Plague

Squirrel tests positive for the bubonic plague in Colorado - ABC News
Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague.

At least we know how to treat this plague.

Then There’s This

Pub adds electric fence to remind customers of social distancing - ABC News
The fence isn’t turned on, but it still seems to work.

Parasite infestations revealed by tiny chicken backpacks | News
Blood-feeding livestock mites can be detected with wearable sensor technology nicknamed “Fitbits for chickens.