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Jon’s Postlife Crisis: Matt Brown - Big Ten Non-Conference Schedule Effects On Smaller Schools

What’s going to happen to the MAC? Why should anyone care about the Ivy League?

New Mexico Bowl - Central Michigan v San Diego State Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

This episode I am joined by my former SBNation boss, Matt Brown, who now writes a “freemium” newsletter and as of today announces a new venture.

Matt Brown, author of the Extra Points newsletter, and Daniel Libit, founder/editor of The Intercollegiate, have announced a partnership that will merge their creative entities under a new company, The Collegiate Model, LLC (h/t the NCAA). The new collaboration, which will operate under the editorial banner of The Intercollegiate, will commence July 13.

Matt and I discuss:

  • The Big Ten’s announcement of playing conference-only games.
  • Whether Big Ten schools can get out of their non-conference game contracts and whether or not they should show some diplomacy towards those opponents they might not want to pay.
  • Is the Covid virus an “Act of God”? What is force majeure?
  • Why should I, as a Nebraska fan, care whether or not the Group of Five schools are hurt by financial difficulties?
  • Will there be college football?
  • What’s with this undercurrent of fans who want college football to be more ordered like the NFL? Don’t they know you cannot create order from chaos?
  • Is life without risk? Why are we in this position?

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