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Friday Flakes: The B1G Moving to a Conference-Only Schedule Gives Me Hope

I am in the minority

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Michigan at Indiana

After the news that the Big Ten will be moving toward a conference-only schedule I posted the following poll on the Corn Nation twitter account:

I was extremely surprised.

Obviously the majority of fans see the news of a conference-only schedule as an ominous sign. In fact, Mitch Sherman of the Athletic seems to agree.

I actually see hope in the news.

To me I see that the Big Ten is willing to make really difficult decisions that will upset many schools. There will be payouts for games that will never happen. The Big Ten wants football.

If the Big Ten wants a conference-only schedule then they don’t have to worry about anybody else. The Big Ten will be able to enforce uniform procedures regarding testing and all other logistical issues therein.

What I can see happening is that the SEC and the Big Ten may be the only ones playing football in the fall.

I mean, who really knows.

I just want football.

Yvan Looks Slimmer

In fact he has lost 25 pounds. The crazy part about that is that he wasn’t fat. If you are not fat then 25 pounds is a huge deal. Hopefully, he didn’t lose too much weight.


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