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Of Bangarangs And Daggers Episode 54: America’s Birthday, Roadtrips, and National Parks

For a special celebratory episode we talk with Nebraska native and National Park guru Mikah Meyer about America’s vast national park lands.

Aniakchak National Monument, America’s least visited park on the Aleutian Islands
Mikah Meyer

We’re back with another episode of: Of Bangarangs and Daggers. This week features a special day at the heart of this week’s episode: America’s Independence Day. With our favorite country’s birthday coming up on Saturday (I might have forgotten in this week’s introduction that it is Saturday because my workplace gives me Friday off in “observance”), we decided to break from our Nebraska Cornhuskers coverage. Instead we focus on other athletic endeavors of the more day to day life and the time honored American traditions we all love for this episode. To help us talk about road-trips, hiking, camping, and other great American traditions, this week features Nebraska native Mikah Meyer as he joins Kevin to talk about his record setting trip visiting all 419 National Park sites in one go!

Lincoln native and Husker football fanMikah Meyer shows off his enthusiasm.
Mikah Meyer

Mikah grew up in Lincoln, but after college he embarked on numerous road-trips and visited countless must-see destinations in that time. In particular we focus on his successful attempt at becoming the first person to ever visit all National Park sites in one trip (you’ll find out the backstory on his effort to be the youngest as well by listening to the full episode).

Besides indulging Kevin in highlighting the park sites Michigan and Nebraska offer in particular, you’ll hear about some of the most remote sites, the best day trip sites, and most American heritage focused sites to visit in our salute to America’s Natural Park sites. So be sure to listen in as we pay special tribute to the plentiful bounty of outdoor hiking, biking, running, kayaking, rafting, scuba-diving, climbing, camping, and simple breathtaking beauty our great country offers us as we get ready to celebrate its 244th birthday this Saturday!

National Park sites come in all shapes and sizes, including the National Mall as demonstrated by Mikah’s visit to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Mikah Meyer

A big thank you to Mikah for coming on the pod this week. If you want to read about any individual park site from Mikah’s travels, follow along with his future trips, or contact him for speaking engagements then you can find all of that at his website. Believe me, the recaps of the various park sites are something to easily get lost in so make sure you take a look!

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