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Who Will Attend Football Survey Results

We recently polled Corn Nation readers to determine how COVID-19 would affect their plans to attend games in person this fall if given the opportunity. Today we have those results for you.

1980 Cotton Bowl

Two weeks ago we asked you all to tell us what your plans are for attending football if there is a season and fans are allowed in the stands. We proceeded to get 623 participants tell us what their plans were, and have the results for you all below.

The first takeaway is there were a lot of participants who did not attend a home game last season that intended to this season prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, around ten more people than last season intended to purchase a season ticket package that did not last season.

Question three got to the heart of what most everyone is interested to know: how did the pandemic affect fans’ planning to attend games if limited capacity is allowed at Memorial Stadium?

It would appear a significant chunk of those surveyed made the decision that the pandemic means they will not attend football game(s) even at limited capacity. In total, 121 people, or 19-percent of those surveyed who otherwise would have attended games will not now attend any this fall because of the pandemic.

Question four shows a lot of those surveyed will still attend games if allowed, even at full capacity. Only 34 of the 623 surveyed, a whopping 5-percent, changed their minds about attending a game at limited capacity, versus full capacity.

Finally, of those we surveyed, 6.7-percent would qualify as a high-risk age category. While the survey service we used does not provide a viable means for us to break down each individual’s answers to get a clear read of how each age demographic answered, those who would not attend games either at all, or at full capacity, roughly matches the expanded 55+ age group in terms of percentage.