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BOOM! Iowa LB Seth Malcom is N!

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Huskers add 8-man star from the Hawkeye State

Great news from our neighbors to the east!

Nebraska added the commitment of 3* Iowa linebacker Seth Malcom Saturday evening. The 6-foot-3, 205 pound linebacker hails from Tabor in the far southwestern part of the state, and he plays 8-man football for Fremont-Mills High.

Credit defensive coordinator Erik Chinander for this one as he recruits the state of Iowa and was all over Seth extremely early. The Huskers were his second offer after Iowa State, and we were all over him from the moment we offered. He also sported offers from Boise State, Kansas State, and Minnesota amongst others. 247 has him rated a .8427 3* and the 17th best player in Iowa, while Rivals has Seth rated a 5.6 3* and the 12th best player in Iowa.

I am very impressed by Malcom when watching his film. He plays all over the field for his small team, but his Hudl mostly consists of him playing running back and linebacker. On offense I was blown away by his physical running between the tackles, and his long stride was Derrick Henry-esque. He doesn't appear to be running fast, but then you realize he's ripping off 40 to 50 yard runs. On defense, he is a very intelligent player. He knows how to read offenses and diagnose plays. He is always making plays, whether it's smashing the ballcarrier for a loss or picking off QBs. Once he gets under the tutelage of Sensei Ruud and Sifu Duval, he will be a very special player for the Blackshirts.

Fun fact: If he sticks with Nebraska and signs, he would be the eighth player to get a scholarship to Nebraska after playing eight-man football including Andrew Shanle (St. Edwards, 2002), Steve Kriewald (North Loup-Scotia, 2000), Josh Brown (Foyil, 1998), Scott Shanle (St. Edwards, 1998), Terry Connealy (Hyannis, 1990), Lance Lundberg (Wausau, 1989), and Dean Steinkuhler (Sterling, 1978). Every single one of those guys ended up on NFL training camp rosters. Let's hope he continues the trend!

Welcome to Nebraska, Seth and GBR