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Nebraska Football Ultimate Offensive Lineman Bracket: The Championship

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It is Rimington vs Shields in a showdown to be the ultimate Nebraska offensive lineman

Steinkuhler’s Cinderella run through the bracket finally came to an end as Dave Rimington took 87% of the vote in their matchup.

Will Shields dispatched Zach Wiegert in the other final four vote (78% to 22%).

And now - it is time to vote for the ultimate Nebraska offensive lineman!

As always, credit for this goes to BrewCityHSKR for setting up the bracket. Thank you!


Polls will close Tuesday and I’ll post the result on Tuesday night or Wednesday.

1) Dave Rimington (11 points) – Elite talent, Elite ’fro. Not just anyone gets a trophy named after them. ( bio)


7) Will Shields (7 pt) – Perhaps the best NFL player to ever come out of Nebraska ( bio)


Who is the ultimate Nebraska offensive lineman?

This poll is closed

  • 67%
    Dave Rimington
    (140 votes)
  • 32%
    Will Shields
    (67 votes)
207 votes total Vote Now